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Best Animal Crossing Island Names

These suggestions will come in handy when you’re looking for a good Animal Crossing island name.



best animal crossing island names

Before you start your journey, you might wonder what could be the best Animal Crossing island name for your creation. Since there’s a 10-character limit for New Horizons (ACNH), landing on the perfect name can be quite daunting. That’s because once the name is finalized, you can’t change it and so, you will need some good ideas before you can make a decision.

Don’t worry, here’s a list of our recommendations that fit the requirement — pick your favorite name or get inspired by it to create your own for the Animal Crossing game you’re currently playing!

best island names for animal crossing

Best Name Ideas for your Animal Crossing Island

  1. Leafshore
  2. MuffinLand
  3. PawsLand
  4. Sunnyside
  5. Cozy Cove
  6. LoveTopia
  7. CoralBay
  8. Angel Isle
  9. DreamLand
  10. ApolloBay
  11. AvalonBay
  12. BerryBay
  13. Moonrise
  14. Star Isle
  15. SunHarbor
  16. PetalPeak
  17. Flufftopia
  18. SandyBay
  19. CraggyBay
  20. EmberLeaf
  21. Hope Island
  22. MapleLeaf
  23. HoneyHill
  24. PearlIsle
  25. MistyMorn
  26. CherryHue
  27. WillowWay
  28. OceanView
  29. Sandy Toes
  30. Palm Haven
  31. SunnySea
  32. RetreatBay
  33. DreamyBay
  34. Stardust
  35. Clementine
  36. PixieBay
  37. SpringBay
  38. SummerBay
  39. BreezyBay
  40. Lilypad
  41. SaltyShore
  42. Sunshine
  43. SunRay
  44. CoralSky
  45. Sandstone
  46. Azure Isle
  47. RiverRun
  48. LunaBay
  49. PalmCove
  50. FlowerHill
  51. EchoIsle
  52. LeafyBay
  53. Bamboo
  54. PebbleIsle
  55. Aloha Turtle
  56. Fern Land
  57. AuroraCove
  58. Snowdrop
  59. Sandpoint
  60. DazzleRock
  61. Honeydew
  62. TulipBay
  63. BeachFront
  64. Beach Bliss
  65. Sunny Side
  66. Ivy Isle
  67. WillowWisp
  68. Islandia
  69. LilyBay
  70. Sunshade
  71. Dewdrop
  72. LunaLand
  73. MoonIsle
  74. Moonpoint
  75. Surfside
  76. CoastalZen
  77. Beachpoint
  78. SandyShore
  79. Moonshore
  80. Acorn Bay
  81. Maldives
  82. WhiskShore
  83. LilyCove
  84. Dewdrop
  85. Dew Haven
  86. MistyEyll
  87. ShadyBay
  88. StarBay
  89. Twilight
  90. CloudWood
  91. FrostWood
  92. MistyBay
  93. CoralBay
  94. PetalBay
  95. HoneyWood
  96. LemonWood
  97. DuskWood
  98. PearlWood
  99. MapleWood
  100. PawsBay
  101. SunnyDay
  102. Fernwood
  103. DewBay

As you can see, you can make Animal Crossing Island names by simply taking some cute things you like and adding suffixes like wood, bay, isle, shore, point, harbor, grove, etc. You can also pick names of real-life or fictional locations and voila, you have what you’re looking for.

Here are some examples of names taken from fiction – video games, movies etc.

  • SkullIsland (King Kong)
  • Isla Sorna (Jurassic Park)
  • Far Harbor (Fallout 4)
  • Auroa (Ghost Recon Breakpoint)
  • Los Santos (GTA V)
  • Alola (Pokemon Sun and Moon)
  • TheIsland (Lost)
  • Skyloft (The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword)
  • Kyrat (Far Cry 4)
  • Dagobah (Star Wars)
  • Manaan (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)
  • Atlantis (Various mythology and fiction)
  • Shear (Evolve)
  • Elba (Napoleon: Total War)
  • Isle Esme (Twilight series)
  • RookIsland (Far Cry 3)

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