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Which Starter Mask should you choose in Soulmask?

Civilization, Conquest or Rich, which is the best Starter Mask to pick in Soulmask? Here’s how you can decide.



best starter mask to choose soulmask

The right mask will decide your initial approach, and so, it’s important to know which starter mask you should be choosing in Soulmask. Every Mask has its own set of effects and you will have to try different ones throughout your adventure to know which mask suits your requirements best. Here are some suggestions for your first one, based on a variety of in-game needs.

Which Starter Mask should you choose in Soulmask?

Civilization, Conquest and Rich are the three masks that you will be shown at the beginning.

In simple terms:

  • Civilization will help with your stamina and defense leading to better survivability.
  • Conquest focuses on stealth and damage during combat.
  • Rich upgrades your archery.

civilization conquest or rich which starter mask

These masks also come with unique perks. Here’s a rundown of everything you can get:

Civilization Starter Mask Perks

  • Civilization has Stamina Surge which boosts your Stamina and Max Load (carry weight).
  • Deep Sleep will help the wearer quickly enter deep sleep when they’re sleeping, which means the Morale Recovery speed will grow by +50%.
  • There’s Critical Barrier which will protect your head, dealing -10% damage.
  • Outer Armor will harden the skin which will reduce the body’s damage taken by 5%.
  • Sequence Protection will increase your defense by +10.
  • Healer Mode (Mimicry) will restore your HP when you receive high-frequency attack. When the ability is activated, the mask releases microscopic repair units to slowly repair the body by recovering HP by 5 every second. You can tap V in Mimicry Mode to release this.

Conquest Starter Mask Perks

  • Falling Buffer reduced fall damage by 10%.
  • Noise Absorption will absorb the vibration energy generated when walking, which will come in handy if you’re trying to take down enemies stealthily. You generate 10% less noise which helps your stealth gameplay.
  • Forbidden Territory will increase the Awareness EXP gained from killing humanoid creatures by 5%.
  • Light Disturbance will impair the target’s vision using disturbing light and your concealment will increase by 10%.
  • Hidden Assault will help you increase the damage dealt by 10% when you attack a target from behind.
  • Slayer Mode (Mimicry) will give you 1.5% lifesteal effect for each attack. When launching attacks against key parts of a creature, Critical Strike has a 20% chance to quickly reduce the target’s Resilience.

Rich Starter Mask Perks

  • Data Analysis helps with archery by enabling real time perception of the distance from the target.
  • Projectile Adjustment will increase your arrow precision by 10%.
  • Hunting Guide will let you gain Awareness EXP from killing non humanoids by 5%.
  • Poison Injection will deal 30% more damage to creatures.
  • Deeply Focused will help your character be highly focused during work or combat and the stamina cost will be -5%.
  • The Mimicry for Rich is Sniping Mode which boosts the power of your bow and arrow, dealing +15% more damage. Weak Spot Analysis will analyze the target’s weak spot and gets a higher chance to hit weak spots with Crit +5%.

So based on this, you may have already made up your mind about which abilities you want. In a nutshell, here’s how you can choose your Starter Mask in Soulmask:

  • Civilization Mask is ideal for those who want to focus on defense and stamina. This mask enhances your ability to take hits and explore for longer durations.
  • Conquest Mask caters to a more aggressive playstyle, offering buffs to stealth and combat. It’ll make you sneakier and deal more damage during fights.
  • Rich Mask is geared towards ranged combat, specifically archery. If you want to play as an archer, this mask will significantly boost your archery skills.

Don’t worry about missing out on the other two masks, you can find them later in the game as you explore the world.

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