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Can I Change Player Name in Palworld?

Wondering if you can rename yourself later on in the game in Palworld? Find out if it’s possible.



how to change player name palworld

Palworld gives you a bunch of character creation options at the beginning of the game before you head out into the world. This is where you can choose a preset and edit the body, face, hair, voice, and also change player name (up to 20 characters). However, many players are curious to know if you can change your in-game nickname later on – here’s all you need to know.

Can you change your name in Palworld?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot change your player nickname in Palworld after you have confirmed it at the character customization screen.

It’s possible to change the name of your Pals via the Party tab > clicking on the Pal > using the Edit button next to its name and level. But, there will be no edit button next to your player name.

you can change pal nickname palworld

Source: MonkeyKingHero on Youtube

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It’s important to note that the game is in early access at the moment and it has bugs, glitches, and various issues that are being worked on right now. Thankfully, the devs have confirmed that an update will add a re-edit feature, as shown by the message on the customization screen: “You cannot edit your character again after the game has started. Note: A character re-edit feature is planned for a future update.”

can you change palworld in game nickname

Image source: Pocketpair

So, we know that the option to change player name in Palworld is going to added, but we don’t know when. Since the game has a bunch of bugs that need fixing, those are probably a priority for the devs right now.

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