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Dress to Impress: How to Change Gender of Model

How do you make your in-game model a girl or boy on Dress to Impress? Find out here.



how to change to male model in dress to impress roblox

Dress to Impress on Roblox is a fashion game where you compete with other players to create the most stylish outfit based on a specific theme. And while playing, you might have seen male models on the runway, among a majority of female models. If you’d like to change the gender of your model in Dress to Impress, it’s possible! All you have to do is visit a certain section in the game.

How to Change Avatar Gender in Dress to Impress

You will start as a female model by default. To change your avatar from a girl to a boy, follow these steps:

  • Visit the section of the lobby where there’s a mannequin of a male model.

location to change avatar gender in DTI

  • It is in a room next to the huge pillar which has some clothes and accessories.
  • Interact with the mannequin.

how to change gender of avatar dress to impress

  • You will see a pop-up asking for your confirmation. Keep in mind that this will reset your character, so if you’re okay with that, hit Yes.
  • Once done, you’re ready to dress up the character based on the theme. The time runs out fast, so get acquainted with the room and get your skin color, makeup, hair, and outfit sorted out.

To change your character model to a girl in another round, you can follow similar steps — the female mannequin is placed right next to the male mannequin.

Rundown of Dress to Impress

Here’s how to do well in Roblox Dress to Impress.

  • You’ll be given a theme, like “Red Carpet” or “Award Show,” and have a limited time to put together a killer outfit.
  • After dressing up, you’ll hit the runway and showcase your creation alongside other models.
  • You’ll get to vote on other players’ outfits, and they’ll do the same for you.
  • Earn stars based on your performance and climb the fashion model ladder from “New Model” to “Top Model.”

You can also invite a duo to walk the ramp with you and if your outfits look good, you might get the highest votes, leading to a win!

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