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How to Exit Tartarus in Persona 3 Reload

Calling it a night? This is how you can escape Tartarus in P3R.



how to exit and escape tartarus

Every night during the Dark Hour, you can explore Tartarus, defeat enemies, collect items from Treasure chests, and progress to another floor. But what if you are done for the night or low on HP/SP and want to go back to your dorm? How do you exit? Here’s how to leave Tartarus in Persona 3 Reload.

How to Leave Tartarus in Persona 3 Reload

how to leave tartarus in persona 3 reload

To exit Tartarus, you need to use the Teleporter device. This is a unique-looking platform that will be placed randomly on the map. Now, there’s a chance you won’t find a Teleporter on the exact floor you are currently on (they are mostly present on every couple of floors) and in that case, you must replenish your HP using Auto Recover and consume an SP-restoring item (like Snuff Soul) to have enough to power through the enemies of the next floor, which is where you might find a Teleporter.

A good thing to do is fuse Personas so that you can have higher damage while exploring Tartarus, which means your team can easily survive until it finds the next Teleporter to head back.

Note that not all teleporters are two-way, so check carefully before using it. Two-way teleporters work like an elevator where they allow you to travel between floors with teleporters or return to the entrance. When you see them, make sure to activate them for future expeditions. Upon interaction, it will ask where you want to go, making exploration much easier.

use the teleporter to travel between floors in tartarus

There will always be a two-way teleporter on a floor with a Gatekeeper mini-boss. So if you choose to leave Tartarus through this particular teleporter, you can come back to this exact location afterwards. This is handy when you’re not equipped to fight the boss, but want to come back later with a better-prepared team.

One-way teleporters will bring you to the entrance of Tartarus and if you leave, you can only restart from the highest floor you’ve reached till then. Talk to the nav person at the entrance for the exact information.

There’s also a consumable called¬†Traesto Gem that can be used to instantly escape from Tartarus and they can be found randomly in Treasure chests and Mayoido Antiques.

And there you have it – this is how to escape and leave Tartarus when you’re ready to call it a night in Persona 3 Reload.

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