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How To Fast Travel In Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown

Fast traveling in PoP: The Lost Crown, explained.



fast traveling in pop explained

Since fast travel isn’t available soon after you start the game (or even quite a bit after it), many are left wondering how to unlock fast travel in Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown. Teleporting will save you a lot of time and in most locations, there will be a Wak Wak tree near these locations as well. So, here’s how fast traveling works in this game.

How do you Unlock Fast Travel in Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown?

You have to reach the game’s second chapter called The Abducted Prince in the Sacred Archive biome to unlock fast travel in PoP: The Lost Crown.

how to unlock fast travel prince of persia the lost crown

What you’re looking for is an area with a purple orb and when you’re near it, the screen gets a purple hue with some shattered glass around it.

How fast travel works is that you have to melee attack the purple orb and destroy it.

destroy the purple orb to fast travel in pop lost crown

Then, it will transform into this stone structure (the Homa Statue) with a button to interact with it. This will open up the map where you can select your destination and you will be teleported to the location in a jiffy.

home statue will let you fast travel

When you’ve unlocked the first fast travel point, you have to unlock a second one, after which you will be able to teleport between locations.

PoP: The Lost Crown Fast Travel Locations

Here are the fast travel points discovered till now and you can explore these places to find the purple orbs and discover the Homa Statues.

  • Lower City — The Haven
  • Lower City — Scholar’s Area
  • Sacred Archives — Sacred Archives
  • Sacred Archives — Temple Of Knowledge
  • Upper City — Day Temple
  • The Depths — Shallows
  • Sunken Harbor — Pirate Village
  • Sunken Harbor — Landmines
  • Soma Tree — Soma Tree
  • Soma Tree — Forest Ruins
  • Soma Tree — Brambles Tower
  • Pit Of Eternal Sands — Sealed Lair
  • Pit Of Eternal Sands — Sentinel’s Road

Now that you know how fast travel works in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, don’t miss out on the best amulets to equip in the game as well.

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