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Where is the Fisherman Village in Palworld? Map Coordinates

The Fisherman Village is where you can obtain various items from NPCs in exchange for Gold.

The Fisherman Village or Fisherman’s Point is a location in Palworld where you’ll find Wandering Merchants. Before you visit, you have to be prepared to visit the volcanic region on the map, so be sure to survive the hot weather with the help of Heat Resistant Pelt Armor. All set? Here’s where to find the location of the Fisherman Village and how to get there.

Location of the Fisherman Village in Palworld

The Fisherman’s Point settlement is located at the map coordinates (-456, -759) which is at the far south-west section of the map, under the marked volcano. You can get there easily if you have a flying mount unlocked.

where is the Fishermans Point settlement
Source: Palworld interactive map on mapgenie

What makes this location so highly sought after is that it is where the Red Merchant can be found. From this vendor, you can purchase High Quality Pal Oil which is crucial for making weapons like the Handgun, Musket, and the Makeshift Handgun.

buy high quality pal oil from red merchant in Fisherman Point settlement

The Oil can also be collected by killing Pals like Quivern, Relaxaurus, Woolipop, Elphidran, Grintale, Mammorest, Flambelle, Digtoise and Dumud.

Map Location of the Fisherman Village in Palworld
Map Location of the Fisherman Village / Source: Palworld.gg

Once you reach this location, make sure to unlock the fast travel point, so you can come back here often to trade valuable goods from the merchants like the Green Merchant which sells weapons, and the Blue Merchant who can buy and sell Pals. However, if you don’t want to keep going there, just catch the Wandering Merchant in your Sphere and assign them to your base.

That was everything about where to find the Fisherman Village in Palworld and what to keep in mind while exploring this location. Have you started breeding your Pals for better offspring? Here are some of the best breeding combinations to try out.

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