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Palworld: How To Get Legend Passive Skill

Follow these steps to get the Legend Passive Skill, which cannot be obtained from Pal Merchants.



How to Get Legend Passive Skill in Palworld

To get the Legend Passive in Palworld, you need to capture and interact with Legendary Pals which are the toughest creatures in the game. But once you acquire it, you can get positive effects like Attack +20%, Defense +20%, and Movement Speed +15%. So, if you’re not sure how to go about it, this is how to get started with the process.

How to Get Legend Passive Skill in Palworld

Since Legendary Pals are tough enemies, ensure your main Pal and supporting team are leveled up and equipped with appropriate gear. You’ll need Pals that have reached level 50, can withstand the attacks of Legendaries, and can work well when countering their element types.

Stock up on all the necessary items for survival, strong weapons like the Assault Rifle and Rocket Launcher, good armor, and Legendary Sphere to increase your capture chance.

Each Legendary Pal resides in a specific region marked on the map. Here are their locations and their weaknesses.

legendary pals location in palworld map for legend skill

Legendary Pals Location on the Palworld Map / Source:

Necromus (Dark Element): Weakness is Dragon


Paladius (Neutral Element): Weakness is Dark


Jetragon (Dragon Element): Weakness is Ice


Frostallion (Ice Element): Weakness is Fire


Legendary Pals are powerful, so try hit-and-run tactics, take cover whenever needed, and don’t underestimate their attacks. Also, don’t aim for immediate capture. Weaken the Legendary Pal gradually, lowering its health to increase your capture success rate.

The Legendary Sphere will significantly boost your capture chance compared to the Spheres of previous levels. Make sure you have offered Lifmunk Effigies to the Statue of Power to increase your catch rate permanently. Don’t be disheartened if capture fails on the first try. Be patient, re-strategize, and keep fighting until you succeed.

Once you have captured a male and female Legendary Pal, put them in the breeding farm and add cake to get an Egg. Place the Egg in the Incubator. After a while, an offspring Pal will hatch, and it could be one with your desired passed-on Legend Passive Skill in Palworld. If that’s not the case, you will have to keep trying and repeat the breeding process.

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