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How to Reduce Egg Incubation Hatch Time in Palworld

Did you know that there are ways to speed up egg hatching in Palworld? Try these two methods for faster results!



How do you make eggs hatch faster in palworld

To get new Pals via breeding or if you’ve found an Egg out in the Wild, you must use the Egg Incubator to hatch it. However, the wait can be pretty long especially if the egg is bigger. If you’re looking for ways to reduce egg incubation hatch time in Palworld and speed up the entire process, here’s what you can do.

How do you make eggs hatch faster in Palworld?

There are a couple of ways to speed up egg hatching:

  • Change the timer in the World Settings
  • Adjust the temperature for the Egg

Changing the World Settings to Speed up Egg Incubation

To reduce egg incubation time, you can set the hatching time in the world settings. Scroll to the section that says “Time (h) to incubate Massive Egg. Note: Other eggs also require time to incubate” and set the timer from there. The default egg hatching time in Palworld is 2 so if you want to speed things up, reduce the timer.

change world settings to Reduce Egg Incubation Hatch Time in Palworld

Change World Settings to reduce or remove egg incubation time

To completely remove the step of waiting for the egg to hatch, set the timer to 0 and you will get a Pal as soon as you place the egg in the Incubator.

Adjusting the Temperature for the Egg

When you keep the egg for incubation, you will see if it needs some warmth or cold. Keep a cooler, heater, or campfire to adjust the temperature for the egg and it should hatch faster that way. Do keep in mind that the temperature will take the day night cycle into consideration as well.

how to speed up egg incubation hatch time palworld

Adjust the temperature to hatch egg / Source: MonkeyKingHero on Youtube

How to Craft a Campfire

The earliest ‘heater’ you get is a campfire that can be unlocked at level 2 and requires 10 Wood.

How to Craft a Cooler

At level 18, you can make a Cooler with 20 Ingot, 20 Stone, and 5 Ice Organ. You also require an Ice Pal for cooling.

How to Craft a Heater

At level 17, you can make a Heater with 20 Ingot, 10 Charcoal, and 5 Flame Organ. Plus, you will need a Kindling Pal for heating.

That’s how to speed up egg incubation in Palworld and reduce the hatch times easily. You will have to do a lot of exploration across the map to collect eggs and capture pals for breeding, so, if you’re wondering how to survive cold and hot weather in the game, we’ve got you covered.

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