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How to Breed Grizzbolt in Palworld

Here's how to get your own Grizzbolt by breeding two unique Pals.

Grizzbolt, the electrifying monster mount, is a popular creature in Palworld. You can find it on the No.1 Wildlife Sanctuary island in the southern part of the map, but if you are wondering how to breed Grizzbolt in Palworld, here’s how to go about it.

How to Breed Grizzbolt in Palworld

Let’s go over the requirements and the Breeding Combination to start breeding Grizzbolt.

  • Breeding Farm: This is a structure you can unlock and craft at level 19. It allows you to breed Pals.
  • The breeding combination to get a Grizzbolt is Mossanda + Rayhound.
  • Mossanda: This creature can be found near the coordinates (284, 21) and (249, 44).
mossanda map location palworld
Mossanda Map location via Palworld.gg
  • Rayhound: You can encounter Rayhounds in the northeast part of the map in the desert region.
rayhound location on palworld map
Rayhound Map location via Palworld.gg
  • Cake: This is crucial for breeding and can be made with 5 Flour, 8 Red Berries, 7 Milk, 8 Eggs, and 2 Honey and you must unlock the Cooking Pot at level 17.

Now, here’s what you need to do to breed Grizzbolt.

  1. Capture a Mossanda and a Rayhound – Ensure at least one is male and the other female for breeding.
  2. Place them in the Breeding Farm – Choose the Mossanda and Rayhound you want to breed and drop them inside the fenced area of the Breeding Farm.
  3. Place a Cake – Put it in the box attached to the side of the Breeding Farm.
  4. Wait for the breeding meter to fill – This takes some time to finish so make sure to keep checking. You can see the progress bar on the Breeding Farm UI.
  5. Pick up the Huge Electric Egg – Once the meter is full, a Huge Electric Egg will appear in the Farm. Pick it up.
  6. Place the Egg in an Egg Incubator – You can build an Egg Incubator at your base camp. Place the Huge Electric Egg inside it.
  7. Wait for the Egg to hatch and that’s it, you’ve successfully bred a Grizzbolt! When the Egg hatches, you’ll have your very own Grizzbolt monster mount.

Things to remember:

  • The specific gender of the Mossanda and Rayhound doesn’t affect the outcome. Any combination will generate a Grizzbolt Egg.
  • You can increase your chances of getting a Grizzbolt by using high-level Mossanda and Rayhound for breeding.
  • Breeding rare Pals like Grizzbolt can consume quite a bit of energy. Make sure you have enough resources before attempting it.

That’s all for this one, but if you’re looking for an addition of Pals that have healing partner skills, here’s a guide that can help you out.

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