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Palworld Pals with Healing Partner Skills (Location Guide)

Here are all the Healing Pals in Palworld that will use their partner skills to restore your character’s HP while you’re away from base.



lyleen noct

In Palworld, if you’re out exploring and end up taking fall damage or being attacked by Wild Pals, you’d want to know a quick way to heal yourself. The best way to replenish your health in this scenario is to have a Pal with a healing partner skill. It can be confusing to figure this out because there are a whopping 138 Pals in the game currently. To help you, we’ve got a list of all the healing Pals in Palworld with items and mechanics that will heal the player.

Palworld Healing Pals List

Here are the Pals that have Healing Partner Skills and what they do to heal your character.

Teafant – Soothing Shower


When activated, this skill will spout mysterious water that will restore your HP.

Location on map

teafant map location

Petallia – Blessing of the Flower Spirit

petallia healing pal

Petallia has a Partner skill which when activated, uses medicinal flowers to replenish your health.

Location on map

petallia map location

Lovander – Heart Drain

lovander healing pal in palworld

During combat, Lovander provides you and itself the Life Steal effect which means you absorb some of the damage you take and converts that into an increase in HP.

Location on map

lovander map location

Lyleen – Harvest Goddess and Lyleen Noct – Goddess of the Tranquil Light

lyleen pal with healing partner skills

These partner skills will help restore your HP instantly.

Location on map

lyleen and lyleen noct map location

Felbat – Life Steal

felbat pal

Similar to Lovander, Felbat’s partner skill will absorb the incoming damage and restore HP in the process.

Location on map

felbat location palworld

The game is still in early access at the time of writing, so things might change when the game fully launches. As of now, there are no healing items in the game that you can directly collect to heal yourself, so you need to rely on one or more of these Pals to help you out.

That was everything to know about the healing Pals in Palworld to restore your HP. After they assist you, don’t forget to pet them to show your appreciation. And if you wish to play Palworld on Mobile, here’s how to go about it.

All map images are sourced from interactive map.

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