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How to Breed Shadowbeak in Palworld

Here are the steps you need to follow to breed Shadowbeak, including Parent Pal Combination, how to get the egg and more.



how to breed shadowbeak in palworld pal combination

As you already know, if you can’t find a Pal in the wild, you can use the breeding farm to breed it. Now, breeding a Shadowbeak in Palworld is a challenging but rewarding feat, as it’s considered a legendary creature. Here’s the breeding combination and other requirements to get it in the game.

How to Breed Shadowbeak in Palworld

What you need:

  • Breeding Farm: Level 19 unlocks the Breeding Farm, which is important to keep your Pals in during the process.
  • Astegon: This rare Pal is found in the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary, a late-game area requiring advanced gear and skills. Here’s the map location:

    astegon map location

    Astegon map location / Source:

  • Kitsun: These creatures roam the Eastern Grasslands, making them easier to encounter compared to Astegon. Note that it’s a nocturnal creature so you will only find it when you head out exploring at night. It’s present in the colder area so make sure you have warm clothes to protect you. Here’s the map location:

    kitsun map location palworld

    Kitsun map location / Source:

  • Cake: Placing a Cake in the Breeding Farm is important when Pals lay eggs.

How to get a Shadowbeak Egg

To get a Shadowbeak egg, you need to breed Astegon and Kitsun.

  • First, Capture the Parent Pals: Find one male and one female of each species. You can also breed Kitsun with Gumoss + Sweepa or Rooby + Penking. As for Astegon, you can combine a Relaxaurus + Suzaku to breed this Pal if finding it in the wild is a hassle.
  • Place them in the Breeding Farm: Put both Pals inside the fenced area of the Farm.
  • Supply Food: Fill the feeder with food both Pals can consume.
  • Track the Progress: Monitor the meter on the Farm.
  • Collect the Egg: Once full, a Shadowbeak Egg will appear outside the Farm. Grab it quickly!
  • Incubate the Egg: Build and use an Egg Incubator at your base camp. Place the egg inside and you’re all set to get a Shadowbeak.

Once you have it, you can get a Saddle to ride it as a flying mount. For its Saddle, you need 50 Leather, 40 Refined Ingots, 25 Venom Glands, 45 Paldium Fragments and must have unlocked it at level 47 in the Technology tab. Then what you need is a Pal Gear Workbench and you’re ready to fly.

Additional Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Compatibility: Only Astegon and Kitsun can breed to create a Shadowbeak.
  • Rarity: Shadowbeak is a legendary creature, so the successful offspring chance is lower than normal pairings.
  • Stat Inheritance: High-level Astegon and Kitsun might pass down better stats to the Shadowbeak offspring.
  • Patience: The time required to get the necessary Pals and waiting for successful breeding can be lengthy, so keep at it!
palworld shadowbeak map location to find pal

Shadowbeak map location / Source:

An alternate way to obtain a Shadowbeak is by defeating and capturing it in the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary, but this option is riskier and requires superior combat skills.

That’s how to breed Shadowbeak in Palworld. If you’re also interested in breeding Grizzbolt, here’s how to make it happen.

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