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How to Butcher Pals in Palworld

Want to get rid of a Pal? Here’s how to kill them off in Palworld and get some materials while you’re at it.



how to butcher pals in palworld

The cute Pals are useful for multiple reasons but if you’ve had enough of them and want them to drop resources that you are currently short of, you need to know how to butcher pals in Palworld. And for that, you need a certain weapon.

How to Butcher Pals in Palworld

To butcher a Pal, you need the Meat Cleaver which is a melee weapon. Craft it at Tier 12 of the Technology tree; it will require 2 Technology points. The materials required are 5 Ingots, 20 Wood, and 5 Stones.

use a meat cleaver weapon to butcher pals in palworld

Use a meat cleaver to butcher Pals / image source: Quick Tips on Youtube

Once you have the Meat Cleaver, equip it and press 4 on the keyboard to bring up the action wheel. You’ll see that the “Pet” Command will turn into the “Butcher” command. This is how you can eliminate the Pal from your collection.

How to Craft the Meat Cleaver

  • How to Get Stones: While you will find stones lying on the ground, you can farm them by hitting rocks with a weapon.
  • How to Get Wood: If you want a lot of Wood, keep hitting tree trunks with an Axe to collect this resource.
  • How to Get Ingots: To obtain Ingots, first you need to collect Ore which can be done by hitting rocks with a Pickaxe. When you reach level 10, you can unlock the Primitive Furnace. To build it, you need 20 Wood, 50 Stone, and 3 Flame Organs. You can get the Flame Organs from Foxparks. Once it is built, get Ingots from it. You need to put 2 Ores in it to get 1 Ingot. A Kindling pal will assist you in this process.

What happens when you Butcher a Pal?

Before you make the final decision, keep in mind that the butchered Pal will not return. Ready to get to the chopping board? Give the command and immediately, the screen near the Pal will get pixelated, so you won’t have to see the bloodbath.

Once a Pal has been butchered, it will drop materials. This can be useful if you have duplicates of Pals that drop important loot and you can afford to kill off one or more of them.

Note that it is illegal to butcher Pals in Palworld so if you’re caught doing that in front of human NPCs, you will get a Wanted status. It’s best to do this heinous crime while you are back at your base or somewhere there are no witnesses.

That’s all about this activity. If you’d like to reduce the egg incubation time in Palworld as well, our guide has some steps that will speed up the process.

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