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How to Fast Travel in Soulmask (Explained)

Walking long distances or using a mount to get around the map, but still spending a lot of time navigating? Here’s how to unlock fast travel in Soulmask.



mysterious portal on soulmask map

One of the first things you should know in any open-world game with a big map is how to fast travel, and in Soulmask, it can be done via portals. To be specific, you need to know how to use Personal and Mysterious Portals to teleport between locations quickly. Unlike some other games, Soulmask’s fast travel system isn’t too straightforward so here’s everything you need to know beforehand.

Note: The game is still in early access at the time of writing, so things may change when the game fully releases.

How to Fast Travel in Soulmask

In the vast map that you have to navigate in Soulmask, you will need to use a Personal portal for short distances and the Mysterious Portal for long distances.

The Mysterious Portal is present in every region/biome and is described as “the gate to connect the other side of the world.”

The Personal or Basic Portal is the triangular teleporter that lets you teleport to other Personal Portals. These can be placed anywhere you want and are ideal for places where it will be time-consuming to get there, even with your mount.

There are a few limitations right now – you cannot have a mount deployed while teleporting and you can’t have items in your inventory (under ‘My Personal Belongings’) either.

How to Unlock Personal Portals

ancient ruins dungeon on map

image credit: CobraSniper1331 on Youtube

To unlock Personal Portals, you need to collect parts from dungeons such as the Ancient Ruins Dungeon, Holy Ruins Dungeon, etc. You can head to these locations via your mount so that it can carry the necessary parts that have weight.

personal portal for teleportation in soulmask

image source: CobraSniper1331 on Youtube

Enter the dungeons, be prepared for combat with robots, keep an eye out for traps, explore doorways and you should come across a section to “Operate Mechanism” which is where you can activate it.

You can get Portal Pieces by defeating enemies, interactive environmental elements/puzzles, chests, etc., so be sure to explore dungeons thoroughly.

collect portal parts for fast travel in soulmask

image source: CobraSniper1331 on Youtube

When you find one, check your Personal Belongings – you should be seeing Portal Part 1. Each Personal Portal will need 3 Portal Pieces.

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How to Use Mysterious Portal in Soulmask

These portals have fewer limitations – you can carry the mount you’re riding and inventory items through them.

mysterious portal location

image source: CobraSniper1331 on Youtube

To activate a Mysterious portal, you need 3 green crystals and to teleport between portals, you must activate both of them. It will cost Mask Energy to use Mysterious portals.

portal locations for long distance travel

image source: CobraSniper1331 on Youtube

Speaking of green crystals, you can find them while you’re exploring the map and dungeons, and even as a drop from specific enemies like the Temple Guardians.

If you’d like a visual guide, head over to the helpful video created by CobraSniper1331.

Fast Travel Cheat in Soulmask

Thanks to Youtuber Quick Tips, we know a fast travel cheat that you can use in Soulmask by tweaking a setting.

  • Press ESC in-game and click on Respawn.
  • That will kill your character and you can respawn wherever you want.
  • In the Respawn Point selection menu, click on the bonfire icon. Choose the bonfire where you want to fast travel to. You’ll see that your items will also respawn with you.

That was everything you need to know to get started with fast traveling in Soulmask. If you’re also curious to know the Soulmask Admin commands and if the game supports the use of controller, check out our related guides right here.

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