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How to Get the Family Guy Ribbon in Bitlife

Prioritizing your family will help you unlock the Family Guy ribbon in BitLife!



unlocking family guy ribbon achievement

The orange Family Guy Ribbon in BitLife is all about portraying a dedicated family life, similar to Peter Griffin’s life (almost). So if you’d like that tag of being a Family Guy, these are the steps to achieve it easily.

How to Get Family Guy Ribbon in Bitlife

how to get family guy ribbon in bitlife

image credit: SubieDooWhereRU on Reddit

Start a Family

Begin by aging up your character, finding a good partner, and getting married. Make sure your stats are good

Raise the Kids

Have at least two children during your lifetime. However, make sure to not overdo it — don’t have too many children.

Prioritize Family Time

This is the main thing to focus on. Spend quality time with your spouse and kids throughout your life. You can do this by heading to the Activities tab and choosing “Spend Time” for each family member frequently. This builds strong relationships and fills their green relationship bars and good Karma will come in handy here.

Commit to your Partner and Family

Remain faithful to your spouse till the end. Avoid affairs or getting divorced and make sure you stick to only one spouse in your entire life.

Be a Responsible Parent

Don’t abandon your children or any pets you acquire. Being a good role model is of utmost importance here.

Lastly, avoid going to prison, so you will have to unlock the Houdini ribbon some other time. Getting arrested might not automatically disqualify you, but having a crime record doesn’t exactly scream Family Guy, you know?

And that’s all there is to it. When you maintain a positive and happy family life for a significant amount of time, ideally for at least 30 years with your children, you’ll increase your chances of unlocking Family Guy Ribbon in BitLife.

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