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How to Make Everything in Infinite Craft

Follow these steps to get this unique element.



how to make everything in infinite craft

You can make everything in Infinite Craft, but did you know that you can also make a block called ‘everything’? Yup, it’s possible and if you already have the elements called ‘Always’ and ‘None’, you can combine them to get it. However, if you don’t have them, here are all the recipe combinations you need to follow.

How to Make Everything in Infinite Craft

recipe combinations to make everything in infinity craft

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You can skip some steps if you already have the mid-level ingredients crafted, but if you are starting from scratch, you will need 197 steps to make ‘Everything’ in Infinite Craft.

Element 1Element 2Result
Earth Wind Dust
Fire Water Steam
Earth Water Plant
Dust Earth Planet
Water Water Lake
Plant Steam Tea
Planet Wind Storm
Plant Plant Tree
Lake Water Ocean
Planet Steam Steampunk
Dust Lake Mud
Storm Tea Tempest
Plant Wind Dandelion
Dust Tree Wood
Lake Ocean Sea
Earth Fire Lava
Ocean Steampunk Steampunk Pirate
Mud Water Swamp
Tea Tempest Typhoon
Dandelion Dandelion Dandelion Patch
Fire Wood Campfire
Lava Sea Stone
Steam Steampunk Pirate Steampunk Pirate Ship
Plant Swamp Venus Flytrap
Steam Typhoon Cloud
Dandelion Patch Lake Duck
Campfire Earth Charcoal
Steampunk Pirate Ship Stone Stonehenge
Cloud Venus Flytrap Cloud Trap
Plant Steampunk Pirate Steampunk Plant
Fire Wind Smoke
Dust Ocean Sand
Ocean Tempest Tsunami
Stone Typhoon Avalanche
Duck Water Duckling
Charcoal Charcoal Coal
Steampunk Pirate Ship Wind Airship
Steam Stonehenge Time
Earth Tea Teapot
Cloud Trap Sea Fish
Smoke Steampunk Plant Steampunk Tree
Dust Sand Sandstorm
Avalanche Tsunami Disaster
Duck Duckling Family
Coal Ocean Diamond
Airship Fire Crash
Lake Time Aeon
Swamp Teapot Witch
Fish Lake Fishing
Fire Steam Engine
Steampunk Tree Swamp Tree of Life
Dandelion Patch Duck Duck and Cover
Fire Tree Ash
Planet Planet Star
Disaster Sandstorm Dust Bowl
Fire Typhoon Volcano
Earth Family Farm
Crash Diamond Emerald
Aeon Time Eternity
Witch Witch Witch Hut
Engine Fishing Fishing Rod
Steam Tree of Life Evolution
Fish Water Fishbowl
Ash Duck and Cover Fallout
Star Tsunami Black Hole
Dust Bowl Wind Dust Storm
Plant Star Sun
Dandelion Volcano Fireworks
Fire Mud Brick
Earth Farm Field
Airship Lava Dragon
Crash Emerald Green
Aeon Eternity Forever
Time Witch Hut Wizard
Fishing Rod Wind Kite
Evolution Time Human
Fire Fishbowl Goldfish
Engine Fallout Nuclear
Black Hole Water Drain
Dust Storm Planet Mars
Ocean Wood Boat
Fire Sun Solar
Brick Fireworks House
Dust Plant Pollen
Campfire Dust Ghost
Field Steam Fog
Farm Plant Food
Dragon Dragon Dragon Egg
Forever Green Money
Smoke Wizard Genie
Kite Stone Paper
Dust Human Mummy
Goldfish Swamp Piranha
Drain Nuclear Fusion
Engine Mars Rover
Ash Dust Cinder
Boat Plant Raft
House Solar Solar Panel
Pollen Smoke Bee
Ghost Witch Halloween
Boat Fog Ghost Ship
Plant Witch Poison
Food Swamp Gator
Dragon Egg Pollen Dragon Flower
Genie Money Rich
Mummy Paper Wrap
Dandelion Plant Weed
Piranha Smoke Vampire
Fusion Water Hydrogen
Mars Rover Curiosity
Dandelion Dragon Dragonfly
Water Wind Wave
Cinder Stone Glass
Raft Wind Sail
Solar Panel Wind Windmill
Bee Steam Honey
Tempest Wind Tornado
Halloween Time Pumpkin
Fog Plant Mushroom
Ghost Ship Plant Pirate
Poison Stone Snake
Cloud Fish Rainbow Trout
Dragon Flower Gator Lizard
Money Rich Richer
Wrap Wrap Blanket
Vampire Weed Count
Hydrogen Swamp Methane
Curiosity Curiosity Question
Dragonfly Dust Fairy
Glass Wave Lens
Sail Wind Sailboat
Tea Windmill Dutch
Honey Mars Sweet
Dragon Lake Loch Ness Monster
Tornado Venus Flytrap Funnel Cake
Pumpkin Water Soup
Mushroom Storm Toadstool
Glass Pirate Eye Patch
Snake Steam Train
Lizard Rainbow Trout Salamander
Blanket Richer Warmer
Count Count Number
Methane Tsunami Climate Change
Fire Question Answer
Charcoal Water Pencil
Fairy Plant Flower
Ash Tea Matcha
Lens Swamp Microscope
Ash Pollen Cough
Dutch Sailboat VOC
Earth Sweet Candy
Glass Loch Ness Monster Monocle
Tree Water River
Funnel Cake Tree Maple
Soup Steam Stew
Eye Patch Toadstool Mario
Salamander Train Choo-Choo
Number Warmer Hotter
Answer Climate Change Denial
Earth Pencil Drawing
Flower Paper Book
Fog Matcha Matcha Latte
Flower Smoke Incense
Cloud Microscope Rain
Cough Plant Medicine
Candy VOC Vocabulary
Brick Monocle Architect
Earth River Delta
Maple Monocle Professor
Fire Stew Chili
Choo-Choo Mario Thomas
Denial Hotter Not
Book Drawing Comic
Matcha Latte Smoke Vaporwave
Dust Incense Prayer
Glass Rain Window
Medicine Plant Cure
Architect Vocabulary Dictionary
Book Delta Alphabet
Professor Professor University
Chili Fire Hot
Thomas Time Tomorrow
Comic Not Serious
Fog Vaporwave Aesthetic
Fog Prayer Priest
Cure Window Curtain
Alphabet Dictionary Language
Hot University College
Serious Tomorrow Someday
Aesthetic Dust Art
Curtain Priest Nun
College Language Latin
Dragon Someday Never
Art Art Masterpiece
Latin Nun None
Masterpiece Never Always
Always None Everything

That’s all for this one! Make sure to explore more recipes in our Infinite Craft guides section, including how to make Kratos/God of War, Snoop Dogg, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber in this game, be sure to check out our guides right here.

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