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How to Report Player in Brawl Stars

Someone’s causing trouble in-game or blatantly cheating? This is how you can report that player.



how to report a player in brawl stars

Disruptive behavior in game chat as well as inappropriate player names need to be reported to ensure a safe experience for all players and since Brawl Stars is handled by Supercell, you do have a way to report players in the game.

Keep in mind that tapping the report button does not automatically mean that a penalty will be applied or the player will get banned. However, it gives the devs an opportunity to manually review the report. And if the player is deemed worthy of receiving a penalty, they will.

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How to Report a Player in Brawl Stars?

  • To report inappropriate chat, you can tap on the chat message and then tap on Report.
  • To report a disruptive player name, visit the player’s profile, tap on the player name, and hit Report.
  • You can follow the same steps to report a club name, club description, club inbox as well as club chat.

Reporting after a Ranked Match

  • Ranked Mode players need to first finish the match where they came across the disruptive player.
  • Then, once the results pop up, simply tap on the Report button present at the top right of the screen.
  • Select Report on the player who was being a nuisance.
  • Then, you can add a reason like Bad Random, Grief Play, or Cheating.

reporting players and names in brawl stars

As per Supercell, you can select ‘Bad Random’ if a player has no aim, no skill, and no coordination. Grief Play is when a player stands still doing nothing, sabotaging the team, or giving up.

Lastly, you can report players in Brawl Stars for cheating if they are potentially using hacks, bots, exploits, or takedown trading.

help and support brawl stars

Apart from all of the above reporting steps, if there’s something you need to tell the devs regarding disruptive behavior, you can contact them via the Game Settings > Help and Support and provide details with some screenshots.

Make sure to only report players who are genuinely violating the game’s rules intentially. Avoid mass reporting or reporting someone out of spite after a loss in a game. Doing this will help maintain a fair gaming experience for all players of Brawl Stars.

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