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How to Report Players in Helldivers 2

This is how you can report and block a random player you just played with.



blocking players in helldivers 2

As in almost every online multiplayer game, there is often a need to report players in Helldivers 2. So, during your fight for democracy, if you come across a toxic teammate spreading negativity in games, here’s how to report them so that the devs can take action.

Only report those players who are deliberately sabotaging the game or being rude to others. That’s because many new players might initially have trouble with the complex mechanics, weapon handling, friendly fire, and coordination with teams.

Steps for Reporting Players in Helldivers 2

how to report players in helldivers 2

To report a player for inappropriate communication via the in-game chat:

  1. Go back to your ship after the mission.
  2. Head to the Social tab from the pause menu.
  3. Select Recent Players.
  4. You will see 8 random players who recently joined your game.
  5. Locate the player who was being disruptive and click on Report and/or Block.
  6. Confirm your action and you’re good to go.

As of now, you can only report players who are toxic in the game chat so people are working around it by being toxic via mic. However, if you come across such a player, blocking them will ensure that you don’t join their games and vice versa. You can do this for every player who is intentionally creating issues like attacking fellow players or saying abusive things via voice chat.

Hopefully, the game adds a more detailed report system where you can be specific about the reason why you’re reporting someone.

With that out of the way, be sure to check out the report that revealed the top games for the first quarter of 2024, with Helldivers 2 being among them.

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