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How to Setup Stand in Pls Donate and Get Donations



how to setup pls donate booth and get donations

If you’ve been on Roblox, you know that this is a wildly popular game that cannot be missed. In Pls Donate, you set up a virtual stand/booth and try to earn Robux (which is Roblox’s premium currency) by getting donations from other players. You can make Robux by providing in-game currency as a reward in return, but it won’t be a cakewalk. Here’s how to get started and potentially get some donos.

How to Sell Gamepasses and Get Donations from Pls Donate Booth

If you want to sell a gamepass with an in-game cash reward for donations that you get in Pls Donate, follow the steps below.

Claim an Unclaimed Stand

claim an unclaimed booth pls donate

  • First, find an empty stand and claim it by pressing and holding E on the pop up.
  • Give it an eye-catching name – you can also change the color of the text to stand out from other booths.

Create a Gamepass

how to create a gamepass for pls donate

  • Click on the Create button at the top of the page.
  • Click on Creations from the menu on the left.
  • Now click on your default Experience.
  • On the menu on the left, click on Passes.
  • Click on Create a Pass.
  • Add a name, a picture, and hit Create Pass.
  • Click the gampass that you’ve just created and hit Sales on the left side of the screen.
  • Toggle on the ‘Item for Sale’ option and set a price. Save changes.

Note: You can keep the price low for starters because if you decide on a high cost right at the beginning, not many would want to spend their Robux on your booth.

Put Gamepasses in your Stand

refresh booth

Now when you go back to the game, edit your booth, and click on the refresh button to see your newly added gamepass on your Pls Donate booth.

Remember that if you only stand in front of your booth, people aren’t going to donate — you have to ask for donations in the chat. Many players provide reasons why you should donate to them, so you can try that too.

When players donate to you via the gamepass, they can earn in-game currency (Giftbux). You can check this by clicking on a gamepass displayed on a booth near you. A pop-up will show how much of the in-game currency can be earned from a single gamepass.

spend robux and donate to get giftbux in pls donate

Once you have a lot of this cash, you can unlock the promotion blimp which costs $25,000.

promotion blimp

You can also use Pls Donate codes for free Giftbux and free booths that look pretty awesome among the default ones. Here’s an example:

getting free booths via pls donate codes

How to Get Donations in Pls Donate

unique booths to stand out in pls donate

There’s no surefire way to earn donations in this game, but there are a few methods that have worked for others.

  • Some players offer to donate Robux if you donate first, but this can’t be guaranteed. Don’t get scammed and try to ensure that the trade actually happens.
  • If you’re planning to immerse yourself in this game, the best tip from players is to have multiple gamepasses of different amounts. That’s what’s going to make you more Robux. As you keep playing the game for longer, you can try adding more expensive gamepasses.
  • Impressive booth texts, how your booth looks, and consistent chat messages can help you get donations in Pls Donate.

There you have it! That was everything you need to do to setup a booth in Pls Donate, display gamepasses for selling and get Robux donations. For all things Roblox, be sure to explore our dedicated category.

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