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How to Get Colored Text in Pls Donate



how to change text color in pls donate roblox

Pls Donate is a game where you can claim an empty stand, write something on it, and get some donations from other players. You can make Robux if you have clothing or game passes on sale, however, standing out in the crowd with basic text is quite tough. You can make your stall more eye-catching by adding colored text in Pls Donate as you might have seen others do, and here’s how you can do it as well.

how to change font color pls donate

How to Get Colored Text in Pls Donate?

  • After you claim an empty stand, approach it and press E to interact with it. You should be able to edit the booth now.

edit stand

  • You’ll see that you can change the text font style, color, stroke color, opacity, and more.

interact with the booth to change text font and color

  • You can even copy a HEX code of a particular shade you like and paste it into the input field shown.
  • Make your choices and click on X at the top right corner of the window. The changes should be applied now.

Now go in front of the booth and check your changes. For any more changes, follow the same process and make your banner the best on the server!

Not sure how to get a HEX code for a color? Follow these steps.

using hex code to change color

  • The quickest way is to use an online color picker which is a free site that lets you choose a color and get its hex code immediately. You can try out this image color picker or choose a color directly from this link.
  • You can use a Chrome browser extension called ColorZilla to help you pick out colors from webpages easily.

how to get colored text in pls donate

That was everything you need to know to change the text color in Pls Donate on Roblox to make your booth stand out even more.

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