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How to Make Human, Adam and Eve in Infinite Craft

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Making Human is one of the first things you’d want to do in the game, and while there are long-drawn complex recipe combinations that can get you there, here’s the fastest way to make Human in Infinite Craft from the base elements. Plus, know how to get Adam and Eve which are some crucial ingredients for more advanced crafts.

How to Make Human in Infinite Craft

  • Combine Earth with Wind to get Dust
  • Mix Dust and Earth to unlock Planet
  • Mix Dust and Wind to get Sandstorm
  • Combine Planet with Sandstorm to get Mars
  • Mix Mars and Earth to get Life
  • Finally, Life + Earth makes Human

How to Make Adam in Infinite Craft

  • Combine Earth and Wind to get Dust
  • Combine Dust with Earth for Planet
  • Mixing Wind and Fire unlocks Smoke
  • Combine Smoke with Water to get Fog
  • Mix Planet with Fog to produce Venus
  • Mix Dust with Water for Mud
  • Combine Venus with Mud to get Adam

How to Make Eve in Infinite Craft

  • Adam + Water = Eve
recipe combos to get human adam eve infinite craft
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That’s everything to know about making Human, Adam and Eve in Infinite Craft!

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