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Palworld Lyleen Breeding Combos

If you're wondering which breeding combinations include Lyleen to create new and unique offspring Pals, here's the list you're looking for.

Lyleen is a Grass-element pal that drops Low Grade Medical Supplies and also has a useful partner skill that replenishes player HP. What’s more, it even has various work suitability options like planting, gathering, handiwork, and medicine production, making it a valuable part of your team. So, here are all the Palworld Lyleen Breeding Combos that you need to know.

How to Get Lyleen by Breeding

There are very few breeding combos that can get you Lyleen compared to other Pals available, and one of them includes Lyleen itself.

  • Mossanda + Petallia
  • Lyleen + Lyleen

Here are the map locations to find Mossanda and Petallia.

mossanda map location in palworld
^ Mossanda Map location / Palworld.gg
petallia map location palworld
^ Petallia Map location / Palworld.gg

Once you’ve captured them, head to your Breeding Farm, put them in it to breed, use a Cake for the process, and wait for the Egg to appear. As soon as it does, put it in the Egg Incubator and you should have a Lyleen after it hatches.

Best Lyleen breeding combinations in Palworld

Here are the breeding combinations with Lyleen that can get you various highly sought-after Pals like the Digtoise (one of the best coal mining pals), Anubis, Quivern, and more.

Pal 1Pal 2Resulting Pal
Lyleen+Menasting=Lyleen Noct

If you wish to capture Lyleen directly, visit No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary which is on the northeastern section of the map.

lyleen location on map palworld
Lyleen Map location / Palworld.gg

That was all about finding and breeding this particular Pal. For more such breeding combinations to get powerful Pals, check out our guides on Gaming Inbox.

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