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Palworld Not Enough Cake Error Fix

Breeding process of Pals coming to a halt because of the ‘not enough cake’ error? Here are the possible reasons and fixes.



how to fix not enough cake error in palworld

The “not enough cake” error in Palworld can be frustrating especially if you’re planning to breed quite a few Pals for more powerful offspring. You need Cake for a breeding combination to get you an egg to hatch, but here’s why this error may be occurring even if you’ve placed a Cake there and how to potentially fix it.

Why is the ‘Not Enough Cake’ error Showing Up?

It’s important to note that Palworld is in early access at the time of writing, so random bugs and errors will crop up. However, the developers are releasing patches to fix issues. If it’s a glitch, relaunch the game and check if it resolves itself.

Secondly, check if there really isn’t any Cake in the box, because it’s a crucial part of the breeding process. This is when the error will appear, so the next plan of action is to make Cake, but it needs quite a bit of preparation (more on this below).

How much Cake is needed for Breeding?

Only one cake is needed to complete the breeding process of one pair of Pals.

How to Fix the Not Enough Cake Error

put the cake in the wooden box next to breeding pen

Place the Cake in the right box for breeding / Source: Born 2 Game on Youtube

First, let’s get the most obvious step out of the way – check if you’ve added a cake in the right place – which is to the box that also gets built along with the Breeding Pen. Some players may have mistakenly added it to another box that will not work with the pen, so if that’s the case, keep it in the appropriate box and the error should go away.

If you’ve already placed a Cake in the right place but still getting this error, here’s a suggestion from the community. Pick the Breeding Pen up and put down foundations that are slightly raised from the ground. Then place the Pen on the foundation.

This is to fix a common issue where eggs are falling through the ground and then, the ‘not enough cake’ error is coming up for the next egg after the current one is already out (but it’s stuck somewhere on the ground).

Lastly, if you don’t have a Cake at all, here’s the process the follow to make one.

not enough cake palworld

Ingredients required to make Cake in Palworld/ Source: Born 2 Game on Youtube

Steps to Make Cake (Ingredients):

  • First, reach level 17 and unlock the Cooking Pot technology with 2 Tech Points.
  • Build a Cooking Pot with 20 Wood, 15 Ingots, 3 Flame Organs. You will also need a Kindling Pal to help you with the Pot.
  • The ingredients to make Cake in Palworld are 5 Flour, 8 Red Berries, 7 Milk, 8 Eggs, and 2 Honey.

You will need a lot of these materials in case you are planning to breed multiple Pals, so here’s where you can find and get them.

  • How to Get Flour: Unlock the Wheat Plantation and the Mill at level 15 and build them with 3 Wheat Seeds, 35 Wood and 35 Stone (Wheat Plantation) and 50 Wood and 40 Stone (Mill).
  • How to Get Red Berries: You can collect them from bushes in the Wild or get them from a Wandering Merchant. You can also build a Berry Plantation to have a steady supply. You will need berry Seeds which can be obtained from Red Berry bushes or drops from Lifmunk.

mozzarina to get milk

  • How to Get Milk: Players can get Milk from the Mozzarina Pal in a Ranch or even in the Wild.

chikipi to get egg for cake recipe

  • How to Get Eggs: These are the consumable eggs that can be obtained from Wandering merchants or you can get them as drops from Chikipi.
  • How to Get Honey: Honey can be dropped from Cinnamoth and Beegarde once they die. Elizabee and Warsect can also drop Honey.

Now that you have acquired the items, bake a cake via the Cooking Pot and place it in the box on the right side of the breeding farm. You can do it by moving it from your inventory and into the box.

Speaking of breeding and eggs, here’s a list of all pals that can hatch from Scorching Eggs.

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