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All Scorching Egg Pals in Palworld

Wondering which Pals hatch from Scorching eggs and where to find them? Here’s what you need to know.



how to get scorching eggs in palworld location

While exploring Palworld, you will come across Scorching Eggs that are Normal, Large, and Huge, each hatching into different Pals with unique work suitability and elements. In this article, we’ve listed all the Scorching Egg Pals and the region where you can find these particular eggs while exploring the map.

Which Pals Hatch from Scorching Eggs?

PalWork Suitability
ArsoxKindling Level 2
Lumbering Level 1
FlambelleKindling Level 1
Handiwork Level 1
Transporting Level 1
Farming Level 1
FoxparksKindling Level 1
Kelpsea IgnisKindling Level 1
Leezpunk IgnisKindling Level 1
Handiwork Level 1
Transporting Level 1
Gathering Level 1
RoobyKindling Level 1
VanwyrmKindling Level 1
Transporting Level 3

Which Pals Hatch from Large Scorching Eggs?

PalWork Suitability
BushiKindling Level 2
Handiwork Level 1
Lumbering Level 3
Transporting Level 2
Gathering Level 1
KitsunKindling Level 2
PyrinKindling Level 2
Lumbering Level 1
Pyrin NoctKindling Level 2
Lumbering Level 1
RagnahawkKindling Level 3
Transporting Level 3
ReptyroKindling Level 3
Mining Level 3
WixenKindling Level 2
Handiwork Level 3
Transporting Level 2

Which Pals Hatch from Huge Scorching Eggs?

PalWork Suitability
Blazehowl NoctKindling Level 3
Lumbering Level 2
SuzakuKindling Level 3
FalerisKindling Level 3
Jormuntide IgnisKindling Level 4
BlazamutKindling Level 3
Mining Level 4

Scorching Egg Map Location in Palworld

where to find huge scorching eggs in palworld map location

Map location to Find Huge Scorching Eggs in Palworld / Source:

To find Scorching Eggs and Large Scorching Eggs, you need to head over to the area around the Mount Obsidian volcano, however, to find Huge Scorching Eggs, you have to venture into the actual volcanic region, near the Syndicate tower. More specifically, head to the Tower Of The Brothers Of The Eternal Pyre (Coordinates: -588, -518). This means you have to be prepared with heat-resistant armor to survive the intense hot weather and ensure that your Pal mount also survives the ordeal.

Once you find these eggs, put them in the Egg Incubator and wait for them to hatch into a helpful Pal. Here’s how to speed up egg incubation time if you want to reduce the waiting time.

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