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What is a Prenup in BitLife and What does it Do?

If you’re not sure what happens if you sign a prenup in BitLife, here’s everything you need to know.



what is a prenup in bitlife

In BitLife (and in real life), a prenup is a prenuptial agreement, which is a legal document you can sign before you get married to someone. But how does it change things and how does it work? It will clearly affect your relationship and your finances, depending on the kind of person you’ve chosen to be your partner.

Here’s the rundown of all that will affect your assets in the event of a divorce in-game.

What is a Prenup?

Let’s take a slightly deeper look into a prenup. This legal document or a contract needs to be signed before getting married to a partner and in BitLife, it will regarding the distribution of your assets, property, investments, and finances if a divorce were to happen in the future.

Both partners have to agree upon the contract and sign it. Since it’s a choice, if your partner don’t agree, chances are that the marriage will be called off (sometimes, angrily).

divorce settlement bitlife

Source: Nurd_Nek_Joe on Reddit

How does a Prenup Work in BitLife?

When you’re in a relationship and decide to get married, you have the option to propose a prenup to your partner. This can be found under the “Activities” tab when you’re engaged or you might get a pop-up from the game. In BitLife, the prenup will protect the wealth you had before marriage. Whatever you earn while you’re married is split between the two partners.

If the marriage ends in divorce in-game, the prenup will come into the picture. So, this means that assets will be distributed according to terms mentioned in the prenup, rather than based on the default divorce laws. This comes in handy because rather than automatically sharing all your money with your partner, a prenup in BitLife allows you to have a better financial condition if the marriage were to end.

A trick suggested by Redditors is to invest all your money in Crypto before the divorce. This way, the game counts it as you losing money during the marriage and when you get divorced, your partner will be the one giving you money. After you’re divorced, you can sell all your investments leading to you having more money than before. Of course, this is all based on the uncertainty of Crypto so do this at your own risk.

Players who become famous singers, musicians, models, actors, and pop stars in the game, or have a high-paying job can consider a prenup to ensure that they protect their in-game money. Of course, if divorce never happens, you don’t have to worry about this at all. But if it happens in another virtual life, considering a prenup could be a good idea.

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