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Bitlife: How to Get Into Medical School & Become a Doctor

Want to get into the profession of being a Doctor in BitLife? This is how to make your way to Med School.



brain surgeon bitlife

One of the highest-paying jobs in this game is to be a Doctor. Getting into Medical School in Bitlife will help you get a good career and income in your virtual life. And if you’re ready to become a doc, you have to work hard right from your high school, college, and beyond.

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How to Get into Medical School in Bitlife

how to become a doctor in bitlife

In short, these are the steps to become a doctor:

  • Study well and increase your smarts
  • Get to college and stay healthy (avoid drugs, alcohol and other distractions)
  • After graduating college, go for higher education
  • Apply for a loan or a scholarship
  • Get into medical school and become a well-paid doctor

Make good grades a priority

Visit the library regularly as soon as you are in middle school. This will help boost your character’s intelligence. As you age up and reach high school, ensure that you have good smarts and study hard.

Pick the Right Subjects

To get into medical school, you need to pick the right classes in high school. Go for subjects like Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology which will make your next step much easier.

If you can enroll in extracurricular activities that will help your application, go ahead and do that as well. Things like the student council and other clubs will come in handy.

Apply for College

Once you have a good academic foundation, you can apply for college. Make sure to choose the right major which can be Biology, Chemistry, or Pre-Med. Make sure you still keep your grades up to not lose a chance of getting into med school.

Don’t Fall Sick

A few other things you need to keep in mind are to stay healthy, avoid doing activities that make you distracted from your studies, and do everything that you need to finish college with flying colors.

Apply to Med School to Become a Doctor in Bitlife

Finally, it’s time to apply to Med School. You can choose Higher Education after finishing college and select Medical School from the options available.

Since it can be expensive, you will need to apply for scholarships or take out a student loan to cover the costs. If you want to test your luck, here’s how to win the lottery in the game.

Rejected or Unqualified for Medical School?

rejected unqualified for medical school bitlife

If you see the unqualified message for Medical School in Bitlife, the reasons could be related to low stats for smarts, poor grades, unrelated majors, and your character’s health.

Rejection from medical school in BitLife can be frustrating, but there are strategies to improve your chances next time.

  • Check your character’s stats, mainly Smarts and Health. Make sure both are maxed out before you reapply.
  • Try specific extracurricular activities related to medicine. If you volunteer at a clinic or work with a doctor as an intern, in a lab or pharmacy, it might help your application.
  • Age up a year and reapply to medical school. Hopefully, this time, your character could have a stronger application.
  • Consider trying a different medical-related major in college like Kinesiology or Nursing. These might give you a stepping stone to get accepted to med school.

If things don’t work out in your first attempt, don’t worry. You can keep at it until you end up getting into Medical School and becoming a Doctor in Bitlife. If you don’t find the job to become a doctor, close the game and relaunch it and you might see it now.

That was everything you need to do to become a doctor in BitLife. After this, if you want to choose a life of crime to get the Houdini ribbon in Bitlife – here’s how to get it.

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