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Soulmask: How to Move Base and Relocate Tribesmen? Answered

If you’d like to relocate tribesmen and move your base to a different location in Soulmask, here’s what you need to do.



how to move base soulmask relocate tribesmen

After a while, you may want to move base and relocate your tribesmen in Soulmask. And this is because, you will find a place that’s significantly better in the early/mid/late game with more resources around, better defense, or closeness to important areas. Keep in mind that the game is currently in early access and the whole process is extremely tedious. This might be fixed in the future; but for now, here’s the process to follow.

How to Move Base and Relocate Tribesmen in Soulmask

Unfortunately, Soulmask doesn’t have a direct “move base” function yet. To relocate, you will have to build a new base where you want it to be and move everything manually.

dismantle base to move soulmask

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You can choose to deconstruct your previous base if you’d like (much easier for simpler bases, but it can be annoying if you’ve built an elaborate one). Yup, this means, you have to go through every structure you want to remove and dismantle it to break it down. The resources that come from this will drop to the ground and your tribesmen can pick them up if you set them on the Gather Resources mode.

Remember to take everything you need, even from storage chests, before you actually move. If you can’t take it all, prioritize valuable resources or large quantities of a specific material.

Then, head to your new base location. Once you’re there, unload the resources from your tribesmen’s inventories into storage or directly use them for building. Repeat the travel and unloading process until you’ve moved everything you want to keep.

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post respawn death pack settings

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If you’re playing on a server where the host can set “death package spawns at feet,” you will be able to get all your gear at your feet when you respawn.

So, go to the location where you want to get the new base in Soulmask, and place a bonfire or a campfire.

respawn in soulmask

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Then, press ESC and click on Respawn. With this, you will die and then you can choose your old base. Load up the gear you want and respawn at your new base location. Since you’ll have the gear appear at your feet, you can now pick them up.

respawn point selection soulmask

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death package drop items

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death package

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Unfortunately, if you want to relocate your tribesmen over long distances, you will have to do so manually. You can do this by going to your old base, setting a tribesman to Deploy > Follow you, and then, making them walk to the new base location. However, this can be tricky because dangerous animals along the way can kill them. You will have to carry bandages and use weapons to keep them safe.

how to deploy tribesmen to follow soulmask

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You can only deploy one tribesman at a time. Rinse and repeat this process for each tribesman you want to move.

Since the game allows you to have multiple bases, you can have smaller ones to make moving and relocating easier. Hopefully, in the final release, this process will be improved so that it doesn’t feel like such a time-consuming task. For now, you can keep the previous base and set up teleporters between the two if you want to go back and forth.

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