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Soulmask: How to Tame and Get a Jaguar Mount

To navigate the vast lands of the game quickly, you will need to know how to catch a Jaguar mount in Soulmask.



spotting jaguar cub soulmask

Jaguars in Soulmask are strong and fast mounts with powerful running, jumping abilities, making them amazing to traverse the map. The animal also has great vision and sharp hearing and can be found in the Rainforest area. However, remember that you cannot get a Jaguar directly, but you can tame a Panther cub and raise it to become a mount.

How to Catch a Jaguar in Soulmask

In the initial stage of your map (with the fog of war still around it), you will be able to find and capture a Jaguar in the northwestern part of the map.

Before you head out, here’s everything you need to have:

  • Reach at least the Bronze tier and Awareness level 25.
  • Unlock the Habit Analysis ability in your mask.
  • Bring Medium Traps to catch the Jaguar cub.
  • Stock up on Raw Meat or Fish.
  • Also, bring plenty of resources. For the Medium Trap itself, you will need 15x Hardwood, 5x Planks, 20x Thatch and 5x Thick Rope.

With all of this ready, head to the Northwest area of the starter region.

Look for blue animal tracks while using your scanner (press E) and you can mark them on your map if you’d like to come back later. These are the tracks that will lead you to a Jaguar/Panther mother.

spotting jaguar cub soulmask

Image credit: GutsDestroyYou on Youtube

When you spot her, you will see some statuses above her: Finding Food which will turn to Returning Home. Follow her as she’s returning home without being seen by her. This is where she will drop the animal she’s caught for food and you will see her cub nearby.

spotting jaguar cub soulmask

Image credit: GutsDestroyYou on Youtube

When the mother switches to the status of Resting, you can choose to kill it.

female panther attacking player

Image credit: GutsDestroyYou on Youtube

If you choose not to kill the mother, you’ll see that the mom isn’t going to make this easy for you. So, be careful – you can distract the mother or wait until she is no longer aggro.

place medium trap to catch jaguar cub

Image credit: GutsDestroyYou on Youtube

Slowly approach the area and place a Medium Trap (or multiple) with Raw Meat near the location of the cub. The cub could run away at the slightest hint of danger so wait patiently and soon, it will be lured to the trap. Now that you’ve captured it, bring it back to your home.

The task is not yet over! Players need to now raise the Jaguar by giving it a home, food, and water.

What to Feed Jaguar in Soulmask?

Raw Meat is the primary food source for Jaguars in Soulmask. You can obtain raw meat by hunting animals in the forest like deer, boar, or rabbits.

Once you do your bit and the animal becomes an adult, you will get a Jaguar mount in Soulmask. To craft the Panther saddle, you must have 20 leather, 10 leather ropes, 10 fine cotton, and 5 bronze ingots and you can craft it at the Armor Forging Table.

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