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How to Unlock Map in Soulmask (Clearing Fog of War)

This is how you can clear and reveal fogged out areas of the map.



how to clear fog of war soulmask map

Like many other games, the map isn’t fully unlocked from the beginning in Soulmask and you have to intentionally work towards clearing the fog of war. To get rid of dark areas and unlock more parts of the land, what you need to do is find a scout camp. Follow the steps below to reveal the map easily.

How to Unlock Map in Soulmask

To clear the fog of war in Soulmask, you need to locate Barbarian Scout camps (shown on the map) and head there. These camps can also be present within the fogged-out region.

locate barbarian camp on map to unlock

image source: Gaming Tornedo on Youtube

Attack the Scout and whittle down their health without killing them. Once their health is low enough, you will see a prompt to press E to Deter them. This will initiate a short animation where your character collects information from the Scout.

collecting information from barbarian scout

Remember, don’t kill the Scout before gathering info; if you do, the camp will respawn after 15 minutes and you can follow these steps again. You can kill the other enemies in the camp to avoid getting killed yourself.

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As soon as you see the “Exploration point information obtained” notification, you will discover some POIs and a section of the Soulmask map will be unlocked for you.

detering scouts unlocks pois on map

image source: Gaming Tornedo on Youtube

You have to do this multiple times to unlock different parts of the Soulmask map and clear the fog of war.

Now that you’ve unlocked more of the map, you might want to know how to fast travel in Soulmask so that you can quickly navigate between locations.

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