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Squad Busters: How to Get Coins and Where to Spend Them

Running out of coins? These are all the methods to earn more Coins in Squad Busters.



how to make coins in squad busters

Coins are a currency in Squad Busters that can help you buy chests to grow your squad. Since you need them to progress in the game, players are curious to know all the different ways to get coins. Here’s a guide that explains every method to earn them easily.

How to Earn Coins in Squad Busters

When you log in for the first time, you will get a whopping 10,000 coins but after that, you can do the following tasks to unlock more of this currency.

Completing Challenges

Completing daily as well as weekly challenges can earn you some coins so make sure to get them done as soon as possible. These refresh regularly, so you will always have something to earn coins from.

beginner challenge in squad busters

Complete the ‘Beginner Challenge’ to take on Daily Challenges.


When you complete the Starter Pass or Seasonal Pass, you can earn coins along the way.

Character Drops

character drops gold in squad busters

Some characters drop coins that you can claim by clicking on the character.

Opening Plaza Chests

When you open Plaza Chests, you can get coins every 24 hours.

Squad Journey

squad journey to earn coins

Progressing through the Squad Journey map unlocks various rewards, including Coins.

In-App Purchases

If you want a big chunk of money fast, you can simply buy them via in-app purchases.

Social Media Giveaways

Apart from the above steps, social media giveaways (from official Supercell creators only) and occasional events can have coins as a free reward, so keep an eye out for those.

Where to Spend Coins in Squad Busters?

There are two main ways to spend Coins in Squad Busters – the Shop and Pre-Battle purchases.

At The Shop:


buy characters with coins in squad busters

You can use Coins to purchase characters or character duplicates in the Shop. The latter is helpful for leveling up your characters, which unlocks new abilities and makes them stronger.

There are four levels of Evolution for each Character:

  • Baby
  • Classic
  • Super
  • Ultra

Make sure to focus on characters you use frequently in your squad and who have good abilities for generating Coins (like the Goblin).

Chest Tickets

These Chest tickets allow you to open chests without waiting for the timer to reset. This can be a good way to quickly unlock new characters and progress faster.

Before the Battle

Reroll Tokens

reroll tokens squad busters

Reroll tokens let you refresh the selection of characters you get at the start of a battle or during the battle from chests. This can be helpful if you’re looking for a specific character to improve your squad’s comp for that particular match. However, use these carefully and only when needed.


keys squad busters

Keys unlock the next chest in battle for free. But, similar to Reroll Tokens, use them strategically to avoid wasting Coins.

These were all the different ways to make Coins in Squad Busters. If you’re a fan of Supercell games, check out how to play 2v2 in Clash Royale and how many people play Brawl Stars.

In-game images courtesy of Havoc Gaming Youtube.

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