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The Finals: How to Fix “Your Account is Restricted” Error

Unable to connect or play matches in The Finals due to an error that says “Account Restricted”? Here’s what you need to know.



how to fix account restricted error in the finals

Many players of The Finals are seeing an error message that says “Your account is restricted, please contact customer support” followed by infinite matchmaking, which can be frustrating. However, don’t worry, because this is related to servers or a glitch and not because you are banned.

The official Discord channel has multiple messages from players who are facing this error when trying to load into Quick Cash, getting kicked from lobbies, seeing the connection lost error and some others are getting the code TFMR0007. Take a look at everything you can do to potentially resolve the ‘account restricted’ error in The Finals.

How to Fix Account Restricted Error in The Finals?

There’s a chance that the ‘your account is restricted’ error is coming up after a patch which led to a server crash issue. In such a scenario there’s nothing players can do but wait for a hotfix to get deployed.

Check if The Finals servers are down

Keep an eye out on the official social media channels of The Finals, like Twitter and especially Discord to see if the devs have acknowledged anything and if they are investigating/working on a fix at the moment. If the servers are down, you’ll find out from these sources.

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Check your internet connection

If it’s not a server-side issue, check if it’s your connection that’s causing the problem. Reset your router if needed and if things don’t improve, contact your internet service provider.

Clear Steam Download Cache

Clearing the download cache might resolve issues related to downloading or starting Steam apps and games.

how to clear download cache for the finals

Screenshot by Gaming Inbox

  • Click on Steam at the top left of the screen > go to Settings.
  • From the menu on the left, click on Downloads.
  • Scroll to Download Cache and click on Clear Cache.

Disable your VPN

If you are using a VPN, it can interfere with starting apps including the Steam client. Disable it temporarily and try opening up The Finals again.

The finals account restricted error fix

Screenshot by Gaming Inbox / Click to expand image

Note that the ‘account restricted’ error is different from the “TFLA0004: Gameplay Restricted” error in The Finals which is the message you will see when you have been banned from gameplay due to a violation of the code of conduct. This includes bans and restrictions related to cheating and unfair play.

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