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Persona 3 Reload: Which Of The Following Is Generated By A Pantograph?

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“Which of the following is generated by a pantograph?” is one of the Chemistry questions asked during your exams, and the options you have are Frictional Heat, Electricity, Magnetism and Cold air. This can stump anyone who hasn’t studied this recently or isn’t in the same field, so here’s the correct answer to help you pass exams with flying colors.

Which of the Following is Generated by a Pantograph?

The correct answer to this exam question in Persona 3 Reload is Electricity.

Generated By A Pantograph Persona 3 Reload

Do note that an alternative question may also be asked by Ms. Ounishi during a classroom quiz.

What do you call the device that helps generate electric power for the train?

device that helps generate electric power for the train

The options will be a Piston, a Master Controller, and a Pantograph, which is the right answer.

Here’s the additional explanation provided by the teacher: Most modern trains take in electricity by bringing the pantograph into contact with the overhead wires. However, the monorail we use has the pantograph hidden under the train instead.

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