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How to Check Pending Robux in Roblox?

Know where to see your pending Robux and how long will they be stuck there.



pending robux amount stuck

Players who create Roblox Passes and sell them for an amount of Robux may want to know how to check the pending Robux — thankfully, the steps are super simple. In a nutshell, Robux that you earn from Experience Pass sales is kept in a ‘pending status’ called escrow which is a holding period. Once it is over, the Robux will show up in your total Robux amount that you have.

It’s a temporary state for Robux you’ve earned but Roblox hasn’t added to your main balance yet. Here is how to keep track of these amounts.

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Where do I see my pending Robux?

To check for pending Robux in Roblox, log into your account via the website or app. Find your Robux balance and go to My Transactions.

robux transaction history

Then, under Type of Transaction, select ‘Summary’ and choose a date range. You should see your pending Robux right here.

Players who sell game passes, in-game items, avatar cosmetics, and developer products can earn Robux when someone purchases your creation. And after this transaction, the amount will go into pending status.

how to check pending robux on roblox

How Long Does Pending Robux Take?

Roblox usually holds Robux in pending status for anything from 3 days, a couple of weeks to 21 days to verify transactions after which, it will be automatically added to your available balance.

This is an anti-abuse/fraud measure and the duration can be higher depending on the transaction amount. Designed to protect users from scams and the platform from scammers, you may have to even wait up to 30 days.

If you’ve waited more than a month and your Robux is still pending, it might be a good idea to contact Roblox support for further assistance.

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