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EA’s Trademark Of “Neon Fox” Could Hint At A New Studio

Is EA adding one more feather to its cap?



ea trademark could mean new studio

Companies big and small frequently trademark various aspects of gaming – be it a new feature, a revolutionary concept, or anything else really. On 1st December 2023, Electronic Arts filed a new trademark application for the words Neon Fox which many speculate could be a game but also a new studio.

As per a tweet by known leaker @Kurakasis and a report by Eurogamer, it’s more likely to be a new studio under EA because of the text related to the trademark. Further speculations say that the studio could be announced at The Game Awards 2023 being held on December 7. Take this with a grain of salt because it could even be a new IP.

Here’s the complete tweet with images:

[bs-quote quote=”Electronic Arts filed for the trademark NEON FOX on December 1st.

Personally I think it\’s a new studio.
EA studio trademarks are filed with
\’IC 042: Design and development of interactive, computer, video…\’ unlike games. I think it\’s going to be announced pretty soon.

Some interesting facts: In 2021, EA registered another trademark with \’NEON\’ called NEON BLACK STUDIOS, sparking speculation about whether it was the name for a new Seattle studio led by Kevin Stephens. The studio\’s name wasn\’t revealed until 2023 when it became Cliffhanger Games, and it was disclosed that they are working on a game based on Marvel\’s Black Panther.
The Neon Black Studios trademark was abandoned in 2022, one year before EA announced the name for Kevin Stephens\’ studio.
This could lead to speculation about whether Cliffhanger Games was initially planned to be called Neon Black Studios.

Are both trademarks related to each other? Probably not, but who knows.” style=”default” align=”center” color=”” author_name=”” author_job=”” author_avatar=”” author_link=””][/bs-quote]

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EA Studios

As per the official website, EA says “We are dedicated to creating new, innovative, and immersive gameplay experiences. Committed to building exceptional games, EA Studios is made up of over 20 studios and more than 6,000 creators globally.”

ea studios list

Source: EA

This list includes big names like Bioware, Codemasters, DICE, Respawn Entertainment, EA Sports, Firemonkeys and many more.

Speaking of trademarks, EA recently patented a concept to let players voice game characters. As wild as that sounds, there’s a whole process outlined in the patent – check it out in our linked article.

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