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Fan-Favorite Fighting Game Goes Free To Play

With the addition of the Anniversary Edition, the base game is now free!



killer instinct free to play on pc

Fans of the genre will agree that Killer Instinct is one of the best fighting games to exist and now with the availability of Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition (which costs $29.99), the base game officially goes free to play.

Killer Instinct was released on November 22, 2013, as a free-to-play launch for the Xbox One at that time, but after a decade, players on all platforms will get to experience it without spending money.

As mentioned in the dev blog detailing the updates for the game’s 10th Anniversary, if you already own Premium Content in KI (Fighters, skins, accessories, etc.) Xbox/PC or Steam, you will still have that unlocked in the Anniversary Edition.

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From now on, there will be two versions of KI:

  • The Killer Instinct Base Game will be free to play on Xbox consoles (One, Series X|S), Windows PC, and Steam. This will have one free weekly rotating Fighter and Single-Player, Local, and Ranked modes.
  • The Anniversary Edition will have all 29 Fighters as well as all the Premium content released to date including the VIP Double XP Booster, holiday accessories, and more.

Here’s more info mentioned in the blog:

On Xbox consoles and Windows PC

[bs-quote quote=”Killer Instinct Definitive Edition will be retired from the store and replaced by the Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition. Don’t worry, because, all purchased Definitive Editions will be upgraded to the Anniversary Edition for free.

The following Mature-rated content included in KI Definitive Edition will NOT be included in the Anniversary Edition:
Definitive Edition App (featuring developer interviews, concept art, Killer Cuts soundtrack)
Xbox KI Classic 1 & 2
But DON’T WORRY! If you already own Killer Instinct Definitive Edition digitally, you will still be able to download the above content even after the Definitive Edition is retired.” style=”default” align=”center” color=”” author_name=”” author_job=”” author_avatar=”” author_link=””][/bs-quote]

On Steam

[bs-quote quote=”The current purchase-only Steam version of Killer Instinct will be replaced by Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition. All purchased Steam versions of Killer Instinct will be upgraded to the Anniversary Edition for free.

Additionally, the Permanent VIP Double XP Booster and Gargos’ Golden God and Argent Shroud colors will be available on Steam for the first time as part of the Anniversary Edition.” style=”default” align=”center” color=”” author_name=”” author_job=”” author_avatar=”” author_link=””][/bs-quote]

killer instinct free to play steam xbox

Source: Iron Galaxy blog

killer instinct anniversary edition changes

Source: Iron Galaxy blog

Here are the patch notes for the Anniversary Edition of the game. In a world where every single new element has a hefty price (looking at you, Mortal Kombat 1), this sure is a welcome change.

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