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After GTA 6 Trailer Drop, GTA 7 Starts Trending

Ahh sh*t, here we go again?



gta 7 trends on twitter after gta 6 trailer

Yep, this happened. GTA 6’s trailer 1 was highly anticipated and finally released after an unfortunate unofficial leak. But now that the video is out there (and already breaking Youtube records), players are already prepared for GTA 7, as seen in the trending topics on December 5.

GTA 7 Trends on Twitter after GTA 6 Trailer Drop

gta 7 starts trending on social media

Source: Twitter

GTA 6 isn’t even out in the world in its full capacity, but the hype for the most successful gaming franchise in history is clear because of the trends for GTA 7. Perhaps it will be released in 2037? Even the devs might not have thought so far ahead, but fans certainly have. The long wait from GTA V to VI has taken a toll on us, but we understand. Game development, especially for those games that push the envelope, takes time.

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This, of course, led to lots of funny memes for “GTA 7” on social media – here’s a compilation of some of the best ones.

If you look up GTA 7 on Google, it turns out someone has already purchased a domain name called which says that it’s going to be “one of the most epic games in the world.” Moreover, there are already some Reddit posts saying “GTA 7 confirmed????” and “GTA 7 trailer leak!!!” as a joke with some hilarious theories and speculations.

GTA 7 confirmed???????
byu/OffBeatBerry_707 inGTA7

Of course, nothing much is known about GTA 7 and we won’t know until Grand Theft Auto 6 is a huge success and brings in the record-level revenue that Rockstar is expecting. If you’d like to see how the trailer of GTA 6 compares with the GTA 5 trailer, here’s a side-by-side comparison.

How will GTA 7 take things up several notches? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, we will cover all the latest rumors, leaks and updates for Grand Theft Auto 6 right here.

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