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How to Become a Ghoul in Fallout 76? Answered

You won’t just look like a ghoul, you will BECOME one in F76!



how to become a ghoul in fallout 76

In the Xbox Games Showcase of June 2024, Bethesda revealed that you can play as a ghoul in Fallout 76. For fans of the games as well as the hit Amazon Prime series, becoming a ghoul in F76 is great news. Here’s what Bethesda has revealed about getting started as this playable character.

How to Become a Ghoul in Fallout 76?

Fallout 76 currently doesn’t have a way to permanently become a ghoul in the game. However, there is an upcoming update called “Skyline Valley” planned for release sometime in 2025 that will introduce the option to become a ghoul.

play as a ghoul f76

Here’s what we know so far:

You’ll need to reach level 50 and complete a specific quest to initiate the transformation. This is where vault dwellers can decide to become a ghoul. Any more details about the quest are unclear.

Becoming a ghoul will offer unique gameplay mechanics. You’ll get new perks and abilities related to radiation and experience different reactions from in-game factions and NPCs.

If you don’t enjoy playing as a ghoul, don’t worry, it won’t be permanent. You’ll have the option to reverse the transformation and switch back to being a human if you don’t like it.

This isn’t the first time you can play as a ghoul in a Fallout game—Fallout Tactics and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel have had playable ghouls. But in F76, you can turn into a ghoul.

In an exclusive interview with PCGamesN, here’s what Bethesda Game Studios producer Bill LaCoste shared, “The community has certainly wanted this for a very long time. They’ve wanted to play as a different character or a different faction for a long time. And we were talking about it before it became a big deal, before people saw Cooper in the TV show.”

“A lot of it has to do with Walton Goggins just being an amazing actor. But it worked together with our original thoughts. We had this in mind, making this a playable thing in the future, and when the TV show hit and people loved The Ghoul, we knew we’d made the right decision.”

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