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How to Make Dandelion in Infinite Craft

Here’s a recipe guide to get the Dandelion element easily.



how to make dandelion in infinity craft

Surprisingly, Dandelion is an element that is present in a lot of advanced recipes like the American Flag, Kung Pao Chicken and Sakura. So, having it in your collection is almost mandatory. Here’s the simplest way to make Dandelion in Infinite Craft and as an add-on, we’ve got some recipes of related words as well.

How to Make Dandelion in Infinite Craft

  • Earth + Water = Plant
  • Plant + Wind = Dandelion

Easy peasy! With Dandelion unlocked, here are some more recipe combos you can try out.

dandelion recipe infinite craft

More Dandelion Recipes

Dandelion Patch

  • Dandelion + Dandelion = Dandelion Patch

Dandelion Island

  • Fire + Fire = Volcano
  • Water + Water = Lake
  • Volcano + Lake = Island
  • Dandelion Patch + Island = Dandelion Island

Dandelion Tea

  • Fire + Water = Steam
  • Plant + Steam = Tea
  • Dandelion Patch + Tea = Dandelion Tea

Sea Dandelion

  • Wind + Water = Wave
  • Plant + Wave = Seaweed
  • Dandelion Patch + Seaweed = Sea Dandelion

Wet Dandelion Patch

  • Water + Water = Lake
  • Lake + Wind = Storm
  • Storm + Water = Rain
  • Dandelion Patch + Rain = Wet Dandelion Patch

Yellow Dandelion Patch

  • Fire + Water = Steam
  • Steam + Fire = Engine
  • Engine + Plant = Car
  • Dandelion Patch + Car = Yellow Car
  • Dandelion Patch + Yellow Car = Yellow Dandelion Patch

With all of these elements crafted, your combinations are going to yield some interesting results. And if you’d like to unlock lots of new blocks, head over to our Infinite Craft guides right here.

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