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These Two New Indie Games Are Already Top Sellers On Steam

One game is a highly anticipated sequel and the other is the first release of a new publisher!



current steam top sellers are indie games

Getting to Top Sellers on a platform like Steam isn’t easy, but two games that were released very recently on May 6 and May 9 are already featured on it. Hades II (still in early access) and Animal Well have risen to the top ranks surrounded by other big titles like Helldivers 2, Counter Strike 2, and the Steam Deck console itself.

hades 2 and animal well in top sellers on steam

A special mention to V Rising, another indie game that was released on May 8 after a long early access period.

Animal Well has already received ‘overwhelmingly positive’ reviews on Steam, with critics calling it a delightfully odd 2D platformer that provides a twist on traditional Metroidvania. The game features a unique world, interesting pixelated graphics that stand out, and lots of clever puzzles.

animal well on steam

It uses a custom engine which is designed by the game’s solo developer Billy Basso and published by YouTuber videogamedunkey’s indie game publisher Bigmode.

Big Mode Games has shared their excitement about making it to Top Sellers in a tweet:

hades 2 on steam

Hades II is a roguelike action RPG sequel to the critically acclaimed game Hades, developed and published by Supergiant Games. Similar to Animal Well, Hades 2 has also garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews, with comments calling it everything a sequel should be.

It is expected to be in early access until the end of 2024 and gameplay-wise, players can get 50+ hours of gaming if they’re planning to 100% this version. But if you’re just going to play the story, you will need around 20 hours to ‘complete’ the early access version of Hades 2.

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