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Is The White Bikini Girl In The GTA 6 Trailer Lucia?

Is there enough proof?



is white bikini girl in gta 6 trailer lucia

The GTA 6 trailer has caused quite a stir online with its upgraded graphics, realistic animations, and the protagonists named Lucia and Jason. In one clip, you see a girl in a white bikini at a rooftop pool party and many are of the opinion that it’s Lucia. But she’s blonde whereas our leading lady is a brunette. Of course, she’s probably changed her hair up, but is that enough to prove that the woman in the white bikini is Lucia? Take a look at the opinions and speculations here.

lucia white bikini woman in gta 6

Is the White Bikini Girl in the GTA 6 Trailer Lucia?

Here’s a side-by-side image comparison of various angles of Lucia’s face and the shot where you see the woman in the white bikini.


Comparison of Lucia’s moles on her face and her hair color

While people are comparing the mole under her eye and her nose – there are no moles under her lips in the rooftop scene. Is this all hidden by makeup to infiltrate a certain location during a heist? Or is this part of the backstory section showing us how she got incarcerated? Either way, this could explain the change of hair color – plus, GTA does have the option to customize your character.

Many are even comparing their noses that look different in these specific shots, but it’s not a sure-shot way to confirm that the white bikini girl in the GTA 6 trailer isn’t Lucia.

It’s not just this scene, fans are also posting pictures of the part where a woman is sitting in a convertible car. She happens to have the same hoop earring, a thin necklace, and a bracelet that are similar to some other shots in the trailer.

Check out some more responses from the community:

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Is it Lucia posing for social media?

Some feel that social media is going to be one of the major themes in the game – this could be Lucia in a fashionable bikini while she’s getting filmed for an online video, as indicated by her pose. Meanwhile, some argue that she’s just a random NPC.

There is no definitive answer, of course, the community is divided and still speculating. What do you think? Is the white bikini girl in GTA 6 Lucia or someone else? We won’t know until we get more information in the form of a leak. If not, the wait till 2025 is going to be long.

divided opinions about lucia in gta 6

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