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Will GTA 6 Feature Children As NPCs?

If GTA VI does have kids as NPCs, things could get complicated.



Will GTA 6 include kids as npcs

After the first trailer for GTA 6 dropped, fans went through each frame of the video and noticed one detail that could be a new addition to the GTA series. During the scene where you see mud slathered on multiple adults in the foreground, there appear to be some children fighting in the background. This could be a cutscene that we’re seeing in the first trailer, so it’s not guaranteed that they will be available as NPCs.

Now, the open-world of Grand Theft Auto is filled with a lot of unpleasant things and, understandably, Rockstar decided not to include kids in its GTA games. But does this change with the next installment? As of now, there are no confirmations by Rockstar nor any believable leaks yet.

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Apart from the apparent kids fighting in the mud in the trailer, rumors suggest that Lucia may have a child in GTA 6 and might only show up in cutscenes too.

The lack of children in previous games of the franchise has been brought up before. What some have called immersion breaking, some argue that Rockstar can simply make these NPCs invincible – which, ironically, could also be immersion breaking.

As mentioned by Screenrant, these little NPCs in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim don’t take any damage and don’t have any reaction animation whenever someone tries something. Instead, they simply run away from the player while calling for help.

Some others believe that they “serve absolutely no purpose in GTA free roam” and that “there really is no purpose in having kids in GTA.” It’s worth noting that it isn’t the first time there was a kid in this series, though.

Child in Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories featured a newborn named Mary-Beth Williams who appeared as a minor character. She’s the daughter of Louise and Marty Jay Williams.

The hype for GTA 6 has been through the roof, so much so that GTA 7 started trending on Twitter. Know more about the memes that fans shared, in our linked article.

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