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Wuthering Waves Server Status: How to Check

Is Wuthering Waves down right now? There are a few ways to find out.



are wuthering waves servers down

Wuthering Waves servers might go down regularly for maintenance before major updates or if the servers are overloaded due to too many players. This might lead to disconnects, lags, stutters, high ping, or frame drops before the game crashes. During such situations, here’s how to check the Wuthering Waves server status, so that you’re in the know about downtime.

Are WuWa Servers Down? Wuthering Waves Server Status

There is no dedicated website page or downdetector link (yet) that shows the Wuthering Waves server status. However, you can head to multiple channels to get updates straight from the developers.

You can also get the latest news and updates via the Bulletin section in-game. You can find it on the right side of the main screen once you launch the game.

bulletin for latest information from devs about server issues

There have been times when the devs have provided free rewards like Astrites to compensate for maintenance periods, so whenever this happens in the future, you can claim it from your mailbox.

The developers also share details about various issues with workarounds until they patch it out like this one, and let you know when the servers will be back up online, so it’s definitely worth it to follow them and turn on notifications.

wuwa twitter official account

Wuthering Waves has been seeing great popularity since its release, with it achieving the No. 1 spot for downloads on the top charts in over 100 regions. Since this will have a lot of players flocking to the game which is primarily played online, you might face server issues sometimes. And by following the above channels, you’ll stay in the loop about upcoming downtimes, maintenance periods, or sudden outages easily.

Wuthering Waves is available on Android, iOS, and Windows PC (Epic Games Store).

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