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Aura Craft: How to Make Space and Black Hole



how to make black hole and space in roblox aura craft

Aura Craft is a creative Roblox game inspired by Infinite Craft but with add-ons of visually-striking animations and sounds. Like its inspiration, Aura Craft is all about combining different elemental blocks to create new ones. By experimenting with elements, players can unlock 200+ recipes, each with a unique look. Space and Black Hole in Roblox Aura Craft are such auras that you might see on other players. If you want to know how to create them, thankfully, the recipe is simple — here’s a step-by-step guide.

How to Get Space in Aura Craft

  • Combining Sky with another Sky will get you Space in Roblox Aura Craft.

The base elements you get are Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, and Time, and with just these, you can unlock Space by following these steps:

  • Mix Earth with Water to get Plant
  • Mix Plant with Plant to unlock Tree
  • Combine Tree with Tree to unlock Air
  • Mix Air with Wind to get Sky
  • Combine Sky with Sky to unlock Space
recipe to make space and black hole in aura craft

Image credit: LoLoPo on Youtube

How to Make Black Hole in Aura Craft

Now that you have Space, you can follow the below steps to get to Black Hole.

  • Space + Space = Galaxy
  • Galaxy + Earth = Vortex
  • Vortex + Space = Black Hole

That’s everything you need to know about creating Space and Black Hole in Roblox Aura Craft. If you’d also like to get Cursed, create Freedom, or want to know all the known Aura Craft Recipes, be sure to check out our guides for more information.

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