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Fix Palworld Not Enough Support While Building

Is there any way to fix this "not enough support" when building? Here's what you need to know.

One of the most important aspects of Palworld is building a base and while building, you may come across the “not enough support” message. What does it mean and how can we fix this error? Now, it could be a bug because the game is currently in early access so the first thing you can try is closing the game and relaunching it. But if it persists, there’s something players can try from their end.

How to Fix Not Enough Support Error in Palworld?

how to fix not enough support while building in palworld
Source: KhrazeGaming on Youtube

The ‘Not Enough Support’ message will appear when you don’t have enough foundation while building your base. So, if you are trying to place a roof without proper support at the bottom, you will see this issue and to fix it, you must add foundations as required.

place foundation to fix not enough support error palworld
Source: KhrazeGaming on Youtube

The interesting bit is that the foundation doesn’t have to be directly connected. As shown in a useful video by Youtuber KhrazeGaming, even if you place a foundation under the roof without connecting it via walls, it will still count as support, essentially fixing the ‘Not Enough Support’ error message in Palworld.

So if you are trying to expand your home or building a bridge, you need to lay down the foundations on the ground first and extend them, and then add the roofs, parallel to the foundation in your preferred direction.

Now, for some players, this error is coming up even if they’ve placed a foundation along with walls and this seems to be an unfortunate bug. We hope the developers fix the problem in an upcoming patch but until then you can try building in a slightly different area and see if it works there.

If you’re willing to take a risk and download a third-party mod for removing building restrictions, then there’s a script on Nexusmods that has received around 300 downloads to date. However, we have not tested it and if you do decide to use it, make sure to read all the important notes and descriptions on the official page beforehand.

There are some more similar problems like the ‘Not Enough Electricity‘ and ‘Not Enough Cake‘ errors that have fixes you should know about – be sure to check them right here.

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