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How To Fix Palworld Not Enough Electricity Error

What does 'not enough electricity' mean and how to fix it in Palworld? You need to craft a particular structure for it.

Electricity is needed to power various machines and structures in the game like the Electric Kitchen, the Assembly Lines, Electric Furnace and more. But if you’re encountering the ‘not enough electricity’ message in Palworld, then there are a few things you need to consider to fix the issue.

Palworld Not Enough Electricity Fix

The reason why you’re seeing this message is that you need a Power Generator nearby. Once you craft one and place it there, the message will change to⚡Generating Electricity which means you need an Electric Pal to supply its power.

You can catch any Electric Pal such as a Sparkit for starters, and assign it to the base. Here’s where to find Sparkit on the map.

sparkit map location in palworld
Sparkit map location in Palworld / Source: Palworld.gg

Once you’ve captured and assigned it, it will work hard to turn on the Power Generator and provide Electricity for your structures.

The better your Pal’s “Generating Electricity Level” the better output you will get. So, as you progress further in the game, focus on capturing Pals like Grizzbolt, Relaxaurus Lex in the mid-game, and Orserk in the late game.

Here’s the list of Pals that generate electricity:

  • Sparkit – Skill Level 1
  • Jolthog – Skill Level 1
  • Univolt – Skill Level 2
  • Rayhound – Skill Level 2
  • Dazzi – Skill Level 1
  • Dinossom Lux – Skill Level 2
  • Beakon – Skill Level 2
  • Mossanda Lux – Skill Level 3
  • Relaxaurus Lux – Skill Level 3
  • Grizzbolt – Skill Level 3
  • Orserk – Skill Level 4

And this is how you can fix the ‘not enough electricity’ error in Palworld. While this wasn’t much of an error in itself, the ‘not enough cake‘ message can actually be an issue. Check out our related guide to know how to fix it if you come across it while breeding Pals.

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