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How To Breed Kitsun In Palworld

If you're wondering how to get Kitsune by breeding in Palworld, follow these simple steps.

Kitsun is a fox-based creature that can be used as a mount and has several other uses. For example, its Clear Mind partner skill ensures that the player is unaffected by the cold or heat while riding this Pal, which can be pretty useful for exploring the vast map. You can find it at the No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary but if you are not ready for the fight yet, here’s a guide that will explain how to breed Kitsun in Palworld.

How to Breed Kitsun in Palworld

Kitsun is a nocturnal creature and so can be exclusively found only at night, however, you can breed it at any time of the day.

kitsun location on the palworld map
Location of Kitsune on the Palworld Map / Source: Palworld.gg

What you need is to hatch a Large Scorching Egg that you can either find lying around across the islands or you can breed Pals by using a Breeding Farm. Don’t forget to use a Cake for this process.

As soon as you have the specific egg, place it in an Egg Incubator and wait for it to hatch (this may take 40-45 minutes) and you will have your very own Kitsun Pal.

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Kitsun Breeding Combinations

player petting a kitsun in palworld

There are various Parent Pal combos that you can use to breed Kitsun in Palworld, so you’ve got plenty of options. Just note that one has to be male and the other has to be female.

  • Rooby + Penking
  • Tanzee + Nitewing
  • Penking + Rushoar
  • Gumoss + Mossanda
  • Gumoss + Nitewing
  • Celaray + Arsox
  • Daedream + Nitewing
  • Sweepa + Tanzee
  • Petallia + Dumud
  • Felbat + Bushi
  • Robinquill + Bushi
  • Quivern + Ribunny
  • Jolthog + Relaxaurus
  • Fuddler + Mossanda
  • Foxparks + Lyleen
  • Celaray + Chillet

And there you have it! That’s how to breed Kitsun in Palworld. Once you have this Pal, you can use it to breed even stronger Pals like the Shadowbeak.

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