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How to Cure Poison in Soulmask

Here’s everything you can use if you get poisoned in the game.



how to cure poison soulmask

Survival in Soulmask isn’t easy, because not only will your character and tribesmen catch diseases, but they can also get poisoned. Having the appropriate items with you makes all the difference because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for all ailments. In this guide, we will take a look at how to cure poison in Soulmask such as venom from snakes, scorpions, and more.

How to Cure Poison in Soulmask

To cure your character when you’re poisoned, you can use these items: Cactus Juice, Plant Essence, Antidote, and Cactus Essence. Each resource has a different effect on the body; here’s how it will cure the poison ailment.

Cactus Juice

The material you need to craft this is x2 Exotic Cactus. You can get this ingredient by chopping up cactus in the Wasteland area.

It will remove 10% of poison and detoxify snake venom and arrow poison. Aside from that, it will also recover 10 Stamina so it’s a good healing item to have at all times.

You need the Grinder to craft it and Basic Grinding – Basic Grinding Technique tech unlocked.

Plant Essence

This will recover 200 HP, remove 60% poison, and cure various injuries as well as necrosis.

Materials Needed:

  • Aloe Essence x2
  • Cashew x2
  • Sulfur Powder x5
  • Papaya or Herb x2

You need the Brewing Stand to craft it and Basic Potion Brewing – Basic Potion Brewing Technique tech unlocked.

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The Antidote will give you Poison Resist +50 and Poison DMG -20% (10-mins).

Materials Needed:

  • Plant Essence x2
  • Guava x5
  • Mushroom x2
  • Phosphorus Powder x5

You need the Brewing Stand (Level 1) to craft it and tech unlocked.

Cactus Essence

Lastly, Cactus Essence will give you a better version of Cactus Juice. It removes 20% poison, detoxifies snake venom and arrow poison as well as recovers 40 Stamina.

Materials Needed:

  • Cactus Juice x2
  • Cactus Flower x1

You need the Brewing Stand to craft it and Medium Potion Brewing – Medium Potion Brewing Technique tech unlocked.

explorer mask

Aside from all this, there’s the Explorer Mask that has the Immunity Activated node (mask level needed: 6) which, when poisoned, injects a substance into the blood to slowly remove the poison by 0.1 every 5 seconds. Plus, there’s a Special Mode (Mimicry) which releases nano-material to envelop the whole body for perfect insulation, effectively withstanding the impacts of radiation, poison and temperature change in the environment. The Explorer mask can be obtained via Holy Ruins level 60.

That’s all for this one! For more tips and tricks, be sure to check out our Soulmask guides.

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