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Soulmask: How to Cure Disease and Ailments

Struck by a contagious disease? Luckily, it isn’t incurable. Here’s what you need to cure diseases in Soulmask.



how to cure disease and ailment in soulmask

Since you’re out there in the jungle, fighting enemies, coming across creatures like bats and navigating the world, chances are that your character will be inflicted by a disease. Not just you, even your tribesman can catch it (and spread it around!) and for this reason, knowing how to cure disease in Soulmask is important. Here’s how to cure ailments for yourself and your clan member.

How to Cure Disease in Soulmask

To cure ailments and heal the body, you need the item called Special Healing Tisane. Make sure to always have it with you. To craft it, you need x1 Healing Tisane, x2 Excitant, x4 Premium Beast Blood and x1 Blood Crystal and it can be made at a Level 2 Brewing Stand.

items required to craft special healing tisane soulmask

How to Craft a Brewing Stand at the Building Workshop

  • Bronze Ingot × 50
  • Thin Rope × 10
  • Hardwood Plank × 10
  • Leather × 20

This will give you the Basic Potion Brewing technology. But since you need a level 2 for Medium potion brewing, here’s what you require:

  • Hardwood Handle x5
  • Iron Ingot x10
  • Hardwood Strip x10

How to Craft Healing Tisane

  • Gypsum × 5
  • Plant Essence × 2
  • Herb × 5
  • Bowl × 1

How to Craft Excitant

  • Dried Tobacco × 2
  • Cocoa Powder × 5
  • Cactus Essence × 2
  • Acidic Fluid × 5

How to Craft Blood Crystal

  • Amber × 2
  • Plant Essence × 5
  • Honey × 10
  • Egg × 20

You can craft it at the Mysterious Stone Table.

How to Get Premium Beast Blood

Lastly, Beast Blood can be harvested from most animals in the game, however, if you go to the Western/Northern Rainforest and kill an Elite Jaguar, you can collect Premium Beast Blood as loot.

Similarly, you can get this item from Elite Alligator in the Mangrove area, River Valley, Elite Wolf in The Wild, and Rocky Bottomland, as well as Elite Tortoise in Rift Valley. You will find more Elite creatures in different locations so be sure to collect Premium Beast Blood, Premium Fresh Meat, and Carcass Chunks from them.

Now that you have everything you need to craft Special Healing Tisane, go ahead with the creation process and use it whenever you or a fellow tribesman gets a disease. If you’re also curious to know how to get started with breeding animals in Soulmask or how to increase the morale and mood of tribesmen, here’s everything you need to know.

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