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How to Make Tool in Infinite Craft

You can create the Tool block in a few simple steps.

While you can create abstract elements and names of famous personalities, you can keep things simple if you prefer and create some items instead. This particular one is useful for crafting blocks like weapon, sword, hammer and more. So, here’s a guide with the complete recipe to make Tool in Infinite Craft and a list of combos with other blocks that can lead to some more unique outcomes.

How to Make Tool in Infinite Craft

You only need 10 steps to craft ‘Tool’ in this game.

  1. Combine Earth with Water to get Plant
  2. Combine Plant with Plant to get Tree
  3. Mix Plant with Tree to get Forest
  4. Combine Forest with Forest to get Jungle
  5. Mix Earth with Wind to get Dust
  6. Combine Fire with Water to get Steam
  7. Combine Dust with Jungle to get Monkey
  8. Mix Fire with Steam to get Engine
  9. Combine Engine with Monkey to get Monkey Wrench
  10. Combine Earth with Monkey Wrench to get Tool

Some Recipes that can be made with Tool in Infinite Craft

  • Tool + Tool = Machine
  • Tool + Machine = Robot
  • Tool + Earth = Pot
  • Tool + Pot = Potato
  • Tool + Fire = Weapon
  • Tool + Wind = Windmill
  • Tool + Fog = Saw
  • Tool + Baby = Toy
  • Tool + Angel = Halo
  • Tool + Family = Hammer
  • Tool + Weapon = Sword
  • Tool + Toy = Game
  • Tool + Potato = Potato Peeler
  • Tool + Saw = Hacksaw
  • Saw + Saw = Chainsaw
  • Tool + Chainsaw = Lumberjack
  • And many, many more.

That’s all for the Tool element. If you’d like to make ‘???’ as well as everything in the game, we’ve got you covered. Plus, make sure to explore more recipes in our Infinite Craft guides section, including how to make Kratos/God of WarSnoop DoggAriana Grande and Justin Bieber in this game, be sure to check out our guides right here.

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