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How to Make Windmill in Infinite Craft

Here's how to get Windmill in this game in a few easy steps.

Making Windmill in Infinite Craft is an important part of the combination process if you’re interested in crafting Energy. Thankfully, creating the Windmill element is very easy in comparison to the other highly complex recipe combos. Here’s how to get started.

How to Make Windmill in Infinite Craft

The base elements that you have are Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth, and these are all you need.

  1. First, combine Fire with Water to get Steam.
  2. Steam when combined with Fire can make an Engine.
  3. Engine when combined with Wind will create Windmill.

Now that you have the Windmill element, you can combine it with Fire or Water to create Energy which will open up more crafts.

Here are some combos you can try with Windmill.

  • Windmill + Windmill = Wind Farm
  • Wind Farm + Wind Farm = Wind Turbine
  • Windmill + Earth = Electricity
  • Windmill + Dust = Flour
  • Windmill + Potion = Elixir
  • Windmill + Ice = Snow
  • Windmill + Boy = Don Quixote
  • Windmill + Mario = Donkey Kong
  • Windmill + Milk = Butter
  • Windmill + Fjord = Troll
  • Windmill + Music = Flute
  • Windmill + Spider= Spiderweb
  • Windmill + Alien = UFO
  • Windmill + UFO = Crop Circle
  • Windmill + Snow = Snowman
  • Windmill + Butter = Butterfly
  • Windmill + Spiderweb = Cocoon
  • Windmill + Snowman = Snowflake

That’s all for this one! If you’re interested in making BlackpinkPlayStationLotus Flower, Technology, or Stardew Valley in Infinite Craft, we’ve got just the recipes you need.

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